Why has my Facebook app stopped working?

Why has my Facebook app stopped working?

Clear cache if you are an Android user. Go to your Facebook app in the Apps Management found in Settings, and clear the app’s cache. Your Facebook can keep freezing as a result of your app’s cache accumulating over a long period. Therefore, clear Facebook cache regularly.

How do I fix Facebook problems?

How do I troubleshoot something that’s not working on Facebook?

  1. Refresh the page.
  2. Close the page and reopen.
  3. Clear your cache by going to your browser settings.
  4. Try again with a different browser (example: if you’re on Chrome, try Firefox).
  5. Restart your computer.

Is Facebook app not working properly?

Clear the cache. If you’re on Android, it’s recommended to clear your cache from time to time. You can easily clear the cache for the Facebook app with these easy steps; Open your device Settings. Click on Apps & notifications, then tap on See all apps or Manage apps.

How do I authorize HTC Sense on Facebook?

On my HTC ONE:

  1. Got to Settings, Apps, and select Facebook. Clear data then Force Stop.
  2. Restart my phone.
  3. Log onto Facebook app.
  4. The �Authorize HTC Sense� notification appears.
  5. Select �Don�t Sync Contacts� (my preference), then tab [OK]
  6. Facebook appears and the �Authorize HTC Sense� notification disappears.

What is the problem with Facebook?

Notable issues include Internet privacy, such as use of a widespread “like” button on third-party websites tracking users, possible indefinite records of user information, automatic facial recognition software, and its role in the workplace, including employer-employee account disclosure.

How do I get back online on Facebook?

How do I turn my active status on or off on Facebook?

  1. Tap .
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap Active Status.
  4. Tap Turn on Active Status or Turn off Active Status to turn your Active Status on or off.

Are there any problems with the HTC One M9?

If nothing works, save all necessary data and perform a factory reset. At least when it comes to size and res, the One M9 should provide a similar experience to the M8. Users have reported some issues with dead pixels on their screen. Attempt to leave the phone screen on for thirty minutes or longer in full brightness.

What are the disadvantages of the HTC One M8?

The disadvantage is that you no longer have the protective coating. You could consider replacing it yourself with a screen protector. Quite a few One M8 owners have run into a glitch where they plug their headphones in and the phone doesn’t recognize them.

Why does HTC mail not work with Yahoo?

HTC mail and yahoo do not work well together, as the default values are wrong. Go to Menu- Apps – Mail – Other (IMAP/POP3) and enter your account information.

How to fix airplane mode on HTC One M8?

Workarounds: 1 Try switching Airplane mode on and off again or hold down the power button and restart the phone. 2 Restart the HTC One M8 and restart your router. It might work again temporarily, but the problem could return. More