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Why is everyone obsessed with sea shanties?

Why is everyone obsessed with sea shanties?

“Everyone is feeling alone and stuck at home during this pandemic, and it gives everyone a sense of unity and friendship,” said Evans. “Shanties are great because they bring loads of people together and anyone can join in, you don’t even need to be able to sing to join in on a sea shanty.”

What is the most popular sea shanty?

Shiver me TikToks! The best barnacle-busting sea shanties

  • ‘Soon May the Wellerman Come’
  • ‘The Ballad of Simon Diamond’ by The Coral.
  • ‘Drunken Sailor’
  • ‘Blow the Man Down’
  • ‘Spanish Ladies’
  • ‘Haul Away Joe’
  • ‘South Australia’
  • ‘Sloop John B’ by The Beach Boys.

Is the Wellerman a true sea shanty?

TikTok’s viral ‘Wellerman’ isn’t a real shanty – and more facts about maritime songs. March 7, 2021 Updated: March 8, 2021 9:18 a.m. Staff musicians from Mystic Seaport sing sea shanties to entertain people viewing historic ships at the 25th annual Oyster Festival.

Why is the Wellerman not technically a sea shanty?

People on the internet are obsessed with “sea shanty TikTok” after a song called “The Wellerman” went viral. A sea shanty expert says the song isn’t really a sea shanty because it’s not in a call and response format.

Why are sea shanties suddenly so popular?

It’s probably got to do with the fact that we’re living through a pandemic. Lots of people are stuck inside and singing a shanty is a fun way to pass the time. Shanties are also, by their definition, relatively easy to sing.

Why are sea shanties so good?

Shanties were sung as a way to get sailors to work together for the common good, even when they were stuck on small ships for years at a time, seeing the same few faces and hauling the same ropes every day. The songs created a sense of community and shared purpose, and made life a little more enjoyable.

Are sea shanties making a comeback?

Sea Shanties — Yes, Sea Shanties — Are Making a Comeback, Thanks in Part to This Delco Teen. Luke Taylor joined TikTok as a lark, to pass the time during quarantine. Now, the Garnet Valley High graduate is lending his basso profundo voice to the country’s latest craze.

Why is sea shanty 2 so popular?

It has remained in the game for well over a decade, and has always enjoyed a degree of notoriety because it’s a cheesy earworm. Since Old School RuneScape launched in 2013, we came to realise that the fanbase had re-embraced the track, and it has become a meme.

What is the TikTok sea shanty called?

The Wellerman
They are dubbed Sea Shanty TikTok, or ShantyTok. Whaling ballad ‘The Wellerman’ has its roots in Australia and New Zealand. Originally titled ‘Soon May The Wellerman Come’, it was written in New Zealand by an unknown teenage sailor some time between 1860 and 1870.

Who started the sea shanty trend?

Nathan Evans
How did the trend start? Twenty-six-year-old Nathan Evans started the trend on TikTok last month by posting a video of him singing a song called “The Wellerman” in his bedroom in Scotland. In the video, Evans sings a cappella while knocking his clenched fist on a desk to keep tempo.

What is the Tik Tok sea shanty?

No, you haven’t accidentally started listening to Blackbeard’s playlist, you’ve stumbled upon Sea Shanty TikTok – welcome aboard! Using our TikTok duet feature – which lets you record a video alongside another TikTok user – users are layering their harmonies over Nathan’s original video.

Are whaling songs sea shanties?

Sea shanties are also resiliently uncool. They’re songs about whaling and strong winds, and they sound the way a bowl of New England clam chowder looks: imprecise, sort of lumpy, and, not to put too fine a point on it, very white.