Why is my padding-bottom not working?

Why is my padding-bottom not working?

3 Answers. you have set a fixed height for #main-content due to which the padding-bottom is not effective. Remove height: 300px; property or just replace 300px with auto. Now, the padding-bottom property should work.

Can padding have negative values?

Unlike margin properties, values for padding values cannot be negative. Like margin properties, percentage values for padding properties refer to the width of the generated box’s containing block.

Can padding be responsive?

To complement a responsive width image element, relative padding can be added. With a static width padding, the image padding may appear too thick in smaller browser windows and overcrowd any other elements nearby, or may push the image off the screen.

What does padding-bottom do in CSS?

The padding-bottom CSS property sets the height of the padding area on the bottom of an element.

What is the padding?

Padding is white space immediately surrounding an element or another object on a web page. For example, with a table cell, cellpadding can be added to the

tag to add white space around the text in a cell.

What is padding bottom?

The padding-bottom property is used to specify the width of the bottom area of the element’s padding box. That is, it specifies the area of space required at the bottom of the element’s content, inside any defined border. Every element on a web page is rectangular.

What is negative padding?

Element with negative padding would be like something with an inside-out lining. Imagine that setting negative padding values is possible. When padding value is set to zero, the border edge is the same as the content edge. When we set it negative, then border will overlap the content.

How do you give a negative padding in flutter?

No, Flutter does not allow negative margins but just in case you still want your widgets to overlap each other, you can use a Stack with Positioned which will allow you to generate the layout which you can do with negative margins. NOTE: You can also give negative values in Positioned Widget.

How do you auto adjust padding?

auto is not a valid value for padding property, the only thing you can do is take out padding: 0; from the * declaration, else simply assign padding to respective property block. You should just scope your * selector to the specific areas that need the reset. .

How do you set bottom padding?

An element’s padding is the space between its content and its border. The padding-bottom property sets the bottom padding (space) of an element. Note: Negative values are not allowed.

How do I reduce the bottom padding in CSS?

To shorten the code, it is possible to specify all the padding properties in one property. The padding property is a shorthand property for the following individual padding properties: padding-top….padding: 25px 50px 75px 100px;

  1. top padding is 25px.
  2. right padding is 50px.
  3. bottom padding is 75px.
  4. left padding is 100px.

Is it better to use margin or padding?

With this in mind, a good rule of thumb is to use margin when you want to space an element in relationship to other elements on the wall, and padding when you’re adjusting the appearance of the element itself. Margin won’t change the size of the element, but padding will make the element bigger1.