Why is Takumi hated?

Why is Takumi hated?

Takumi’s childhood was filled with so much hatred. He wanted to kill his father, but instead took out his rage in school. He lacked control of his home life, and took to violence to compensate. Unlike Ren and Nobu who used music, Takumi’s one escape in his life was Reira, who he saw as ‘pure’.

Who are Takumi’s retainers?

The third eldest of the Hoshidan royal siblings, Takumi is a skilled archer who wields the Fujin Yumi and commands the loyalty of Hinata and Oboro as his personal retainers.

How to recruit Takumi?

At the beginning of Turn 2 Takumi will join the battle, but he will be cursed and fighting for the opposite side. Use Azura to talk to Takumi. She will sing to him and he will regain his mind. He joins the team after talking.

What chapter do you get Ryoma?

Prologue. Ryoma first appears in Chapter 4, where he, along with Corrin, Kaze and Rinkah, lead a rescue attempt to save Hinoka and Sakura when they are ambushed by a horde of Faceless.

Is Reira in love with Takumi?

Yasushi Takagi Yasu and Reira began dating each other in high school. They subsequently have sex, even though Yasu saw how Reira felt about Takumi. Yasu often came to pick Reira up after band practice, and she appeared very infatuated with him. However, they split up when Reira decided to go to Tokyo with Trapnest.

Did Takumi and Nana get married?

Currently they are married but he is shown living in England with their son Ren while, Nana lives with their daughter Satsuki at Shirogane. Takumi and Naoki are helping his wife look for the missing Nana O.

Can you recruit Camilla?

Camilla is a member of the Nohrian royal family, and is a deadly Malig Knight in her own right. Her siblings include younger sister Elise, and brothers Leo and Xander, as well as Corrin the main character….Camilla.

How to Recruit Starting Class Camilla Room.png
Prologue: Ties That Bind Dark Mage
Child Potential Mates

How do I recruit Selena fates?

The unit Selena is a playable character in Fire Emblem: Fates….Selena.

How to Recruit Starting Class Selena Room.png
First Seen Secondary Class
Chapter 10 Sky Knight
Child Potential Mates
Corrin (Male), Laslow, Odin, Benny, Xander, Leo, Arthur, Keaton, Niles, Jakob, Kaze, Silas, Hinata, Subaki

Are Kaze and Saizo twins?

Saizo and his younger twin brother Kaze are members of a ninja clan from Igasato that has proudly served the Hoshidan royal family for several generations.

Can you wait patiently but only 25 turns?

but only for 25 turns. After that. he will begin his assault. ”i desperately wanna pave the floor with your blood, but i’ve got some time to kill IoI”