Why is video not available in my country?

Why is video not available in my country?

Some YouTube videos may not be available in your country/region for the following reasons: Video owners have chosen to make their content available only to certain countries/regions (usually due to licensing rights) YouTube may block specific content to comply with local laws.

How can I watch YouTube videos that are blocked in my country?

4 Ways to Watch Blocked YouTube Videos in Your Country

  1. Proxy. A web proxy is a computer in a remote location that acts as a mediator between a client computer and the Internet.
  2. SmartDNS.
  3. VPNs.
  4. Download Youtube Videos.

What to do if a video is blocked in your country?

Here are the six ways to watch blocked YouTube videos in your country and help bypass YouTube region lock.

  1. 1) VPNs. VPN is the safest and strongest way to mask IP addresses.
  2. 2) Proxy.
  3. 3) Smart DNS.
  4. 4) Download YouTube Videos.
  5. 5) Use Tor to Unblock YouTube Videos.
  6. 6) Use Google Translate.

How do I make a video available in my region?

The most reliable way to get around the region filter is simply to use a VPN. This is a service which lets you browse the web as if you were in a different country. You can try this with a free VPN, though we recommend a paid service such as NordVPN which currently sits at the top of our best VPN ranking.

How do I stop YouTube from blocking videos?

If you want to do this on an Android, iPhone, or iPad device, the steps are quite similar. Open the YouTube app and find the channel or video suggestion that you don’t like. Once you’ve found it, tap the three dots icon below it. From the menu, select either the Not interested or Don’t recommend channel options.

Why can’t I change my region on app Store?

5 Answers. Your account needs to have no money on it to change the region. If you want to change it on your iPhone , try changing account settings then back to set the country and region. You can also change it on iTunes.

How do I change my app store region?

Change your Google Play country

  1. Open the Google Play Store app .
  2. At the top right, tap the profile icon.
  3. Tap Settings General Account and device preferences. Country and profiles.
  4. Tap the country where you want to add an account.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to add a payment method for that country.