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Will a Cessna 172 float?

Will a Cessna 172 float?

Re: Will a 180 hp Cessna 170 or 172 on floats work for hunti They will work but they are marginal at higher elevations.

How far can a Cessna float plane fly?

Maximum Range: 640 nm (1,185 km) Takeoff Distance: 1,630 ft (497 m) Ground Roll: 960 ft (293 m) Landing Distance: 1,335 ft (407 m)

How much does a seaplane rating cost?


Pricing (subject to change) Amphibian Husky
Private ASES 2 days, 5 total flight hours (4 hours dual, 1 hr checkride) $2475
Commercial ASES 2 days, 5 total flight hours (4 hours dual, 1 hr checkride) $2475
Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) ASES 3-4 days, 8 total flight hours (6 hours dual, 2 hr checkride) $3875

How much space does a float plane need to take off?

In this instance, the takeoff run on water with the Caravan’s small engine is 2341 feet, takeoff over a 50 foot obstacle 3660 feet. The same manufacturer’s figures for a Cessna 206 on their amphibious floats is 1770 feet takeoff run, 2850 feet over a 50 foot obstacle.

Why is a Cessna 172 so expensive?

The rising price of airplanes has far outstripped inflationary increases. A new Cessna 172 Skyhawk cost about $15,000 in 1972. Aircraft manufacturers frequently cite the cost and complexity of certification as a reason for high retail costs and the reason that we don’t see much innovation in certified aircraft.

Is a seaplane rating worth it?

Earning your seaplane rating with us is not only the most fun you can have in an airplane, but it will teach you other valuable skills to make you a better, safer, more knowledgeable pilot in anything else you might fly. It can normally be completed in 6-8 hours of training.

Where is it legal to land a seaplane?

In the USA, local laws and ordinances determine if you can land a seaplane in any given body of water. In most states, you can land almost anywhere.

How fast does a small float plane fly?

The combination of lots of power and lots of drag gives you about 125 knots true at just over 18 gph, plenty fast for crawling from lake to lake and plenty powerful to haul a big load in the process.