Are any of the Chiffons still alive?

Are any of the Chiffons still alive?

The Chiffons were an American girl group originating from the Bronx, a borough of New York City, in 1960….

The Chiffons
Years active 1960–present
Labels Laurie
Members Judy Craig Patricia Bennett Connie Harvey
Past members Barbara Lee Sylvia Peterson

What genre of music is the Chiffons?

The Chiffons/Genres

Who produced the Chiffons?

May 1978 saw the release of an attempted replication of the original “He’s So Fine” credited to Kristy and Jimmy McNichol although the track only featured the former, being credited to the duo to reflect its parent Kristy and Jimmy McNichol album which was produced by Philip Margo and Mitch Margo who – as members of …

Who was the lead singer of The Chiffons?

Judy CraigSince 1960
Sylvia Peterson1962 – 1992
The Chiffons/Lead singers
Judy Craig (born June 11, 1944 in New York, United States) is the lead singer of the American girl group, The Chiffons. She left the group in 1969, but returned in 1992 after the death of Barbara Lee.

Who wrote songs for the Chiffons?

Ronnie Mack
He couldn’t deny he knew, the song: it had been a hit in April 1963, the week “From Me to You” landed on the charts. It was written in 1962 by a struggling songwriter, Ronnie Mack. One lunchtime, Mack overheard four schoolgirls singing in the Bronx.

Who was in the Chiffons?

Judy CraigLead vocalist
Patricia BennettVocalsConnie HarveyVocalsSylvia PetersonLead vocalistBarbara LeeVocals
The Chiffons/Members

Who sang the song he’s so fine?

The Chiffons
He’s so Fine/Artists

Who sang I have a boyfriend?

I Have A Boyfriend/Artists

Who sang backup on My Sweet Lord?

The backing vocals were irreverently credited to the “George O’Hara-Smith Singers”, who were Harrison and Phil Spector, joined by Eric Clapton, keyboard player Bobby Whitlock and two others identified by Harrison as “Cyril” and “Betty”.

When was My Sweet Lord recorded?

My Sweet Lord

“My Sweet Lord”
Released 23 November 1970 (US) 15 January 1971 (UK)
Genre Folk rock, gospel
Length 4:39
Label Apple

What does you’re so fine mean?

“Fine” can be slang for “sexy” or “attractive”