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Are Dover Thrift Editions good?

Are Dover Thrift Editions good?

Dover Thrift Editions win the prize for lowest cover price, ranging from just $1.50 to $5. Naturally this means they are going to be low quality with virtually no commentary. Basically, they’re great for a one time read, but not something you want to keep on your shelf.

Are Dover Thrift Editions the whole book?

Dover Thrift Editions are low cost, affordable editions of original classic works of literature. With Dover Thrift Editions you get the whole printed book at a reasonable price.

Where is Dover Thrift Editions?

Dover Publications

Parent company LSC Communications
Founded 1941
Founder Hayward Cirker and Blanche Cirker
Country of origin United States
Headquarters location Mineola, New York

When was Frankenstein Dover Thrift edition published?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780486475820
Publisher: Dover Publications
Publication date: 08/03/2009
Series: Dover Thrift Study Edition
Edition description: Thrift Study Edition

Are Penguin Classics good?

Penguin Classics are alright as they have pretty decent notes and the paper quality’s quite good but if I had to choose a translated work, I’d normally go with something from Everyman’s Library.

Are Dover Thrift Books abridged?

The most affordable editions available of the world’s greatest literature — the lowest-priced choice for today’s students, educators, and anyone who loves classic literature! Each book is complete and unabridged and many are priced as low as $2.50.

Are Penguin Classics abridged?

The Classics are not abridged versions of the text. However some books – such as Frankenstein have other versions as published by the author so there’s an 1818 version and a second 1831 so check with the school that you are getting the right version.

Are Dover books copyright free?

The Pictorial Archive of the world’s great historic source books of designs, engravings and images. The finest collection of permission free, royalty free and copyright free images and illustration references.

Are Dover Thrift books abridged?

What is Penguin Little Black Classics?

Penguin’s Little Black Classics are a collection of short books (mostly around 64 pages, although some are longer), originally published in 2015 as a series of eighty volumes, to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the founding of Penguin. These first books were priced at 80p each.

How many penguin Little Black Classics are there?

127 books
Penguin Little Black Classics (127 books)

Who are the authors of the Dover Thrift edition?

Longer works are published as Dover Giant Thrift Editions and sold at about $5.00. Titles and authors are wide-ranging, but most are classic literature, drama and poetry in the public domain. Some of the major works published include authors like Mary Shelley, William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens and Edgar Allan Poe .

Who is the current owner of Dover Publications?

In that same year, Dover Publications was acquired by Courier Corporation. Courier was acquired by RR Donnelley in 2015. RR Donnelly split into three in 2016; Dover became part of LSC Communications. ^ “Computer book distributors in South Africa | Intersoft Books”.

What was the first book published by Dover Publications?

The company published its first book, Tables of Functions with Formulas and Curves, when the German copyright was voided by the United States as a result of World War II. The book was an unexpected success and established the Dover business model of publishing esoteric works at a low price.

What kind of records did Dover Records make?

For a time, Dover also published a catalog of LP phonograph records. Some, such as selected recordings of Schubert’s solo and chamber works featuring pianist Friedrich Wührer, were reissues of earlier monaural releases from other labels.