Are Lay Z Spa and Bestway the same?

Are Lay Z Spa and Bestway the same?

Lay‑Z‑Spa operates on behalf of Bestway Inflatables & Material Corp who are committed to the development, production, and sale of high quality and innovative sporting and leisure products. Bestway was established in 1994 and now operates via 9 overseas branches in Europe, the Americas and Australia.

How long does Lay Z Spa Vegas take to warm up?

The rapid heating system that comes with your Vegas will heat up to a soothing 40°C. You will have to give your hot tub between 6-12 hours to heat up. The heat-up won’t take long after the hot tub has been filled with water.

How much does it cost to run a lazy spa jacuzzi?

We estimate it costs around £7 ‑ £10 a week* to run a Lay‑Z‑Spa based on average usage**. We are continually developing our hot tubs to be as cost‑efficient as possible. For example, every Lay‑Z‑Spa from 2017 onwards includes the Power Saving Timer and all models from 2021 includes Freeze Shield™.

Should I leave my hot tub heater on all the time?

Depending on the amount you use your Lay‑Z‑Spa, in our experience it is better to leave the heater activated all of the time, if used regularly ‑ say 3 or more times per week. We would recommend setting the spa at 25°C to 35°C and then before using moving the temperature up to 40°C if desired.

Is a hot tub cheaper to run than a Lay Z Spa?

Lay-Z-Spa Running Costs in the UK. For starters, the initial price of a Lay-Z-Spa is undoubtedly affordable when compared to other inflatable spas and hard shell hot tubs. The installation process is also much quicker, simpler and won’t require additional costs.

Does a hot tub use a lot of electricity?

Yes! Hot tubs run on an electrical supply. They usually need between 13 and 40 AMPS of power to run. The electricity powers the heater, pumps, lights and all the other working components on the hot tub.

Should I leave my inflatable hot tub filter on all the time?

But in our experience, if you use your inflatable hot tub regularly – let’s say three times a week or more – it’s much better to leave the heater on all the time. We suggest that when you finish in your hot tub for the day, you set the heater’s digital control to around 96F.

Should I leave my lazy spa on all the time?

Can I leave the spa on all the time? The spa can be left on, if the heater function is left on, the pump unit will maintain the temperature of the water for you. If you want to use the spa regularly this is the most cost effective way of maintaining the water temperature.