Are Mackie mixers any good?

Are Mackie mixers any good?

It is one awesome mixer! The sonic ‘fullness’ is amazing, and the seven band graphic equalizer allows for complete EQ control. The 16 effects are perfectly programmed for anything you might need (I like #16 for vocals). It is set up well for ease of use, and for the price it just can’t be beat.

Is the Mackie PROFX8 powered?

The Mackie ProFX8 is equipped with microphone preamps, an internal FX processor, and a USB port for playing and recording 2 channels of audio using a computer. The ProFX8 has 8 channels….Specifications.

Brands Mackie
Condition Discontinued
Model Number PROFX8

What is a Mackie mixer?

Mackie Onyx Premium Analog Mixers with USB are the ultimate compact, affordable solution for live audio, home recording, and content creation.

How do I connect my Mackie mixer to my computer?

Using the Hosa YXF247 cable, connect the two XLR connectors to the Mackie MAIN OUT Left and Right jacks as above. Connect the 1/8″ miniplug to the MIC IN connection on your computer. Outputs on your Mixer. Connect the Hosa YXF247 cable to the 1/8″ MiniJack Line Input on your Computer.

What does the AUX MON knob do for each channel?

The aux mon controls of each channel allow you to create a stage monitor mix as desired. Headphones are used for monitoring and a footswitch allows you to mute/unmute the internal effects as desired.

What digital mixers are compatible with Pro Tools?

Officially Supported

  • Pro Tools | Quartet.
  • Pro Tools | Duet.
  • Mbox (3rd gen)
  • Mbox Mini (3rd gen)
  • Mbox Pro (3rd gen)
  • Eleven Rack.
  • Fast Track Duo.
  • Fast Track Solo.

What can I do with Pro Tools first?

Pro Tools First includes:

  • Session templates in different genres for quick start-up.
  • Loop recording.
  • Xpand!
  • MIDI editing tools.
  • Soundbase for locating loops, samples, and sounds from the included 500MB sample library.
  • 20 effects/utility plugins.
  • Track freeze saves CPU resources.
  • Record up to 4 tracks simultaneously.

What does 2×4 USB interface mean?

2×4 means that you have a stereo send to the computer and two stereo returns from your computer.