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Are old Betty Crocker cookbooks worth anything?

Are old Betty Crocker cookbooks worth anything?

Vintage cookbooks Good condition copies of Betty Crocker’s Picture Cook Book are highly prized (prices range from $10 to $450 on AbeBooks). Collectible cookbooks can range from high camp, Liberace Cooks!

What is the oldest Betty Crocker cookbook?

More than 75 million copies of the book have been sold since it was first published in 1950….Betty Crocker Cookbook.

First edition
Author General Mills staff
Publisher John Wiley and Sons
Publication date 1950 (original), 2016 (12th edition)
Media type book

How many editions of the Betty Crocker Cookbook are there?

The Cookbooks and Big Red Spoon The 11th edition, now titled Betty Crocker Cookbook, is one of the more than 250 Betty Crocker cookbooks published since 1950. And Betty Crocker’s monthly recipe magazine—available at grocery stores nationwide—has been published since the 1980s.

What happened to the Betty Crocker Cookbook app?

What happened to my Betty Crocker app? Unfortunately, we are no longer supporting the Betty Crocker app. As a result, it will no longer appear in app stores and, if the app is already on your phone, it will not be functional.

What are the most sought after cookbooks?

Top 10 Most Collectible Cookbooks

  1. Betty Crocker’s Cookbook.
  2. Betty Crocker’s New Picture Cookbook.
  3. Treasury of Great Recipes.
  4. Joy of Cooking.
  5. Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child.
  6. The White House Cook Book.
  7. Woman’s Home Companion Cook Book.
  8. Weight Watchers Slow Good Super Slow-Cooker Cookbook.

What do I do with old cookbooks?

Here’s what to do with cookbooks you don’t want anymore.

  1. Sell them. If you have, say, a first edition of a vintage, now-famous cookbook or one by a popular new author in pristine condition, you may be able to sell it.
  2. Donate them.
  3. Offer them up for free.
  4. Recycle them.
  5. Repurpose them.

Was there really a Betty Crocker?

Surprising, then, that Betty Crocker isn’t actually a real person. She is the brainchild of an advertising campaign developed by the Washburn-Crosby Company, a flour milling company started in the late 1800’s that eventually became General Mills. The ad featured a puzzle of a quaint main street scene.

What is the most expensive cookbook?

Vikas Khanna pictured here with Ustav, the $13,000 cookbook. A new cookbook from Bloomsbury, printed with gold ink, was launched at Cannes. It’ll cost you $13,000. Vikas Khanna is the author of numerous cookbooks, including Flavors First: An Indian Chef’s Journey and Bliss of Spices: The Essence of Indian Kitchen.

How Old Is My Better Homes and Gardens cookbook?

The Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book has been in America’s kitchens since 1930. For years cookbooks have come and gone, but never before has there been a cookbook like this.

How old is Betty Crocker?

Though she might not look it, Betty Crocker is nearly 100 years old, and she’s still going strong with more than 12 million visitors to this website each month. Learn all about Betty’s history, plus today’s mission—here’s everything you ever wanted to know about America’s First Lady of Food!

Is Betty Crocker dead?

Adelaide Hawley Cumming of Poulsbo, the original television Betty Crocker, died Monday at age 93 at Harrison Hospital in Bremerton, where she was being treated for kidney failure and a collapsed lung.

What should I do with old cookbooks?