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Are Phelous and Lupa still dating?

Are Phelous and Lupa still dating?

In the comments section of his Shredder review, Phelous apparently confirms that he and Obscurus Lupa are dating. Though he already had confirmed it on his Twitter multiple times. Either way, the fact that he can keep up a long distance relationship with a coworker like that is pretty heartwarming.

What happened Obscurus Lupa?

In January 2015, Lupa announced that she was unceremoniously kicked off of Channel Awesome, though she continues to post videos on her own and Phelous’ websites. Lupa has retired her show and character and now uses her real name. Her new show is called “Movie Nights”.

When did Phelous leave Channel Awesome?

January 2015
The first videos he made, for the internet, were flash videos such as Dragonball Z and Transformers “Prime’s Death Take 2”. In January 2015, Phelous announced his departure from Channel Awesome.

Is Phelous married?

Happily Married: Not “officially”, but he loves Allison very much and the two live together as a romantic couple.

Is Cinema Snob still with Channel Awesome?

Jones is one of three creators (the other two being Doug Walker and Larry Bundy Jr.) to remain on the site as of April 2021….

The Cinema Snob
Production companies Stoned Gremlin Productions Channel Awesome (2010–present)
Distributor YouTube (2007–2009, 2012–present) Blip (2009–2015)

What happened Channel Awesome?

Channel Awesome currently hosts a YouTube channel of the same name with an emphasis on content produced by Doug Walker and his brother Rob. After a series of scandals, nearly all affiliated creators severed ties with Channel Awesome and departed in April 2018.

How many subscribers did Channel Awesome lose?

Channel Awesome lost about 70,000 subscribers due to these allegations.

Who runs Channel Awesome?

Channel Awesome

Industry Online media
Founders Mike Michaud Bhargav Dronamraju Mike Ellis
Headquarters Lombard, Illinois , United States
Key people Mike Michaud (CEO) Doug Walker (Actor and presenter) Rob Walker (COO and screenwriter)
Revenue $150,000 (2009)

What went wrong with Channel Awesome?

Between October 2014 and January 2015, several long-time content producers departed from Channel Awesome. In March 2018, several former producers alleged, via a series of Twitter posts, mismanagement and mistreatment by members of Channel Awesome’s upper management, including the Walker brothers and Michaud.

Who is the guy in the Phelous video?

— “Oh Phelous” (post-2018 version), Phelous’ ending theme by Ze SadPanda Phelan Porteous (born September 4, 1983) is a Canadian guy who makes funny videos on the Internet.

Why was the title sequence of Phelous retired?

The title sequence has since been retired, with the explanation given that he wanted to make better use of the title cards drawn for his episodes.

Who is Phelan Porteous and what does he do?

Phelan Porteous (born September 4, 1983) is a Canadian guy who makes funny videos on the Internet. His claims to fame are his reviews of really bad horror movies and Disneyesque mockbusters, both B-grade and big-budget, and Mortal Komedy, a parody of the Mortal Kombat series.