Are pygmy corydoras schooling?

Are pygmy corydoras schooling?

Pygmies are one of the best fishes I’ve kept. Very peaceful (100% shrimp safe) and extremely hardy. They do occupy the whole tank and not just the bottom like other cories. They definitely form school and not just shoal.

Why are my corydoras not schooling?

No need to worry. Cories are more of shoaling fish, which means they like to hang out in the near vicinity of eachother, but not in a tight school. Even most schooling fish won’t necessarily school in an aquarium.

How many pygmy corys are in a 15 gallon?

For the CO2: You should ideally have 3bps for a 15 gallon tank, 2 being the minimum.

Are pygmy corys good cleaners?

But they are great for eating up the dead plant matter, detruis, and even diatoms/algae. If your tank is heavily planted with lots of small leaved plants or hardscape for them to hide in, they could keep breeding easily and survive the voracious hunters.

How many pygmy corydoras should be kept together?

These freshwater fish often live in shoaling groups of thousands in the wild. In captivity, we recommend a group of at least eight. The Pygmy Cory needs a shoaling group to stay healthy. When kept alone, they fall prey to the unhealthy symptoms of stress.

How many pygmy corys are in a gallon?

What Size Aquarium Do They Need? Pygmy Cory are tiny fish that are great for a small aquarium. 10 gallons is the minimum size for a group of 4-8 individuals, increase this size if you want a larger group. Each additional fish only needs about 2 gallons to be comfortable.

How many pygmy corys are in a school?

In the wild corydoras live in small schools, that’s why in a tank they feel secure and comfortable in a school if at least 5-6 fish and 5-10 will be even better. Though most of their relatives are bottom-dwellers, corydoras like spending much of their time in a middle water layer.

How many pygmy corys should I keep together?

Keeping Pygmy Cory Together Keep them in groups of at least four or more, but eight is recommended.

How many pygmy corys should be together?

Are pygmy corys easy to breed?

A healthy diet, along with regular aquarium maintenance, will not only help your fish be happy and healthy, but these things are also important factors when it comes to breeding. With these two conditions being met, they mate relatively easily on their own.

Do pygmy corydoras clean the tank?

They multiply, yes, but they can remove some of the detritus. To a certain extent, though, you want that stuff. The plants use it. Pygmy cories are actually midwater fish, and should never be kept as scavengers for anything other than dropped food.

Are pygmy Cories Hardy?

pygmaeus are good pets as they are fairly hardy. However, there are several things to keep in mind when planning to keep this species. They are inoffensive fish which will not thrive with aggressive tankmates.