Are SOG Knives good quality?

Are SOG Knives good quality?

SOG knives are good when you weigh their prices against the solid build construction, steel quality, and overall design. They give you a worthy price-quality ratio, but they aren’t necessarily the best overall when it comes to tactical knives and other similar types of knives.

What knives are made in China?

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  • A.G. Russell Knives.
  • Benchmade Knives.
  • Browning.
  • Buck Knives.
  • Böker Knives.
  • Case Knives.
  • Casstrom Knives.
  • Cattleman’s Cutlery.

Are knives made in China any good?

With big, Western companies outsourcing production of quality knives, the Chinese are quickly catching up to the rest of the world in terms of their knife making prowess. A growing proportion of Chinese knives are shockingly well made and sell for shockingly low prices.

Where is the SOG SEAL Pup made?

Since 2017 SOG has been producing Seal Pups in China. And the SOG website shows China as Country of Origin. However, the Seal Pup Elite models are still (as of Mat 2021) listed as Taiwan.

What does SOG knife stand for?

SOG was named in honor of a covert US Special Ops unit that fought in Vietnam. That unit was known as Military Assistance Command, Vietnam – Studies and Observations Group (MACV-SOG). Its existence once denied by the US Government, it wasn’t until long after the war that the SOG story could even be told.

What is the best Chinese knife brand?

Which Are The Best Chinese Cleavers To Buy?

  • Best Overall – Shun Classic DM0712 7-Inch Steel Chinese Cleaver.
  • Best Budget – Winco 8″ Heavy Duty Chinese Cleaver.
  • Best for Chef – ZHEN Japanese VG-10 8-Inch Large Chinese Cleaver.
  • Best Carbon Steel – Dexter Russell S5197 7-Inch Chinese Cleaver.

Are Spyderco knives made in China?

Spyderco designs and produces knives under the Byrd brand. These knives use high quality materials and are manufactured in China, allowing much lower prices while retaining most of Spyderco’s quality.

Are buck knives made in China?

Update in 2019: Today, Buck makes 85% of their knives in Idaho, USA, and 15% overseas, up 5% from prior year. Remember that any Buck Knife carries with it Buck’s famous Forever Warranty, and we find that Buck Knives made in China still have superb quality and durability.