Are there any songs from the movie Naseeb?

Are there any songs from the movie Naseeb?

Naseeb 1998 MP3 Album Songs sung by Udit Narayan, Alka Yagnik. Naseeb 1998 movie song was released in Dec 1998. Listen Naseeb 1998 Songs, Download MP3 Songs of Naseeb 1998 & Play Free Online Music on Hungama – Stream full Hindi Movie songs, Naseeb 1998 Songs Download, and earn Hungama coins.

Who is poor Krishna Prasad in the movie Naseeb?

Poor Krishna Prasad and Pooja are in love and would like to marry each other. But Pooja’s dad, Din Dayal, wants her to marry a wealthier man, and rejects Krishna. Krishna agrees to acquire wealth, and promises Pooja that he will return after a few years.

What kind of car was Krishna driving in Naseeb?

After Krishna noticed Pooja and drove away, Krishna was driving a Mercedes-Benz W123 and was on the left side while Master was on the right side. Then the song Chanda Sitaare appeared.

What happens to Pooja and Krishna in Naseeb?

Five years go by, and Krishna does not return, Din Dayal can wait no longer, and gets Pooja married to Deepak. Shortly after this marriage, Krishna returns as a multi-millionaire, and is angered at Pooja for not waiting for him. Krishna than sets upon plotting vengeance against Pooja and Deepak, that will tear their relationship apart.

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What happens to Namdev in the movie Naseeb?

Namdev is presumed dead. However, he is rescued by Don ( Amrish Puri ), and no one is aware he is alive. Twenty years later, Damu and Raghu have used their stolen lottery money to build a fabulous hotel and make millions, becoming very successful businessmen.