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Are There Benefits to Reading in Bed?

Are There Benefits to Reading in Bed?

Are There Benefits to Reading in Bed?

Should you be reading in bed? Like anything, there are good things and bad things about reading in bed. Let’s discuss some of the benefits of reading in bed. 

Staying Comfortable While Reading in Bed

One downside to reading in bed is that it can be uncomfortable. Regular pillows just don’t provide enough support to sit up in bed for long periods. 

A great way to be more comfortable while reading in bed is to invest in a reading pillow. Check out these top reading pillow reviews for some great ideas about what to get. 

Benefits of Reading in Bed

There are some bad things about reading in bed, which we’ll discuss later. However, there are also quite a few benefits of reading in bed. Here are some of the best benefits of reading in bed. 

It May Help You Sleep Better

Does your head spin thinking about the past, present, and future when you try to sleep? Reading can take your mind off your problems. Diving into a fictional world can help take your mind off of real life and help you sleep better. 

It Reduces Stress

This goes along with the previous benefit. In general, reading is great at decreasing stress. Reducing your stress levels right before bed can help you sleep better.

It May Increase Your Productivity

Do you find yourself constantly distracted during the day? Reading in bed may help you focus and increase your productivity. 

This is especially true if you put your electronics away and read an actual book. You aren’t distracted by texts, the television, or your children. You can just focus on your book. 

It Can Improve Your Creativity

Do you have a creative job or hobby? Reading before bed could help your brain to come up with interesting ideas while you sleep. 

You can’t take your brain to the gym (apart from the fact that it comes with the rest of you). Luckily, reading is a great way to exercise your brain and boost your brain power. 

Some Downsides to Reading in Bed

While reading in bed is overall a good thing, there are some potential downsides. Here are some of the most common.

It Can Hurt Your Neck

When you read in bed, you tend to keep the book or electronic device in your lap and look down. That position can be torture on your neck. Consider using a lap desk to raise the height of what you’re reading and reduce neck strain. 

It May Hurt Your Sleep

These days, people are migrating toward reading on their phones, tablets, or e-readers. These things are much more convenient than actual books. However, looking at a bright screen before bed can make it harder to fall asleep. 

That’s because your brain may interpret the light as daytime. Your internal clock won’t understand that it’s time to slow down and fall asleep. 

If you must use an electronic device, use the blue light filter to reduce the chance of it affecting your sleep. 

Historical Trouble With Reading in Bed

The most practical reason that reading in bed was discouraged was because you could set your house on fire. That’s because you had to use a candle for a reading light. Falling asleep with a lit candle near a bed could result in a deadly fire. 

A Final Thought on the Benefits of Reading in Bed

While there are some downsides to reading in bed, the benefits of reading in bed generally outweigh the risks. Read an actual book if you can or use a blue light filter to avoid sleeping problems.