Can camouflage be a verb?

Can camouflage be a verb?

verb (used with object), cam·ou·flaged, cam·ou·flag·ing. to disguise by means of camouflage: to camouflage ships by painting them gray. verb (used without object), cam·ou·flaged, cam·ou·flag·ing. to use camouflage: The angel shark camouflages in the sand.

Can camouflage be an adjective?


What is the antonym for camouflaged?

What is the opposite of camouflage?

uncover expose
reveal disclose
divulge unveil
unmask unearth
show display

What is the root word of camouflage?

Camouflage evolved from the French camoufler, which was slang for “to disguise.” Camoufler itself most likely comes from camouflet, meaning “puff of smoke” — a puff of smoke that makes it hard to see things.

What are camouflaged words?

Expert Answers Camouflaged verbs are verbs that have been unnecessarily turned into nouns by adding suffixes, such as “-ion,” “-ing,” “-ment,” or another ending. Some examples include “Cancellation of the game is necessary at this time” or “Signing the agreement was an important step for both nations.”

What is meaning of effete?

effete • \ih-FEET\ • adjective. 1 : no longer fertile 2 a : having lost character, vitality, or strength b : marked by weakness or decadence c : soft or delicate from or as if from a pampered existence 3 : having feminine qualities untypical of a man : not manly in appearance or manner.

What is blue camouflage for?

The blue has been worn since 2008. The intent, in part, was to create a uniform enlisted sailors and officers could both wear and to project a unified appearance regardless of rank, according to Naval Personnel Command.

What are the two main types of camouflage?

There are four basic types of camouflage: concealing coloration, disruptive coloration, disguise and mimicry. Challenge youth to think about how using camouflage can help an animal survive in its environment.

How can we prevent camouflaged verbs?

Avoiding Overuse of Camouflaged Verbs For example: If we want to change the action verb ‘consider’ to a camouflaged verb we have to change the verb ‘consider’ to noun ‘consideration,’ then add verb ‘give, ‘ and at last we get camouflaged verb ‘give consideration to.

What is meant by dogmatism?

1 : the expression of an opinion or belief as if it were a fact : positiveness in assertion of opinion especially when unwarranted or arrogant. 2 : a viewpoint or system of ideas based on insufficiently examined premises.