Can I contact NEFF by email?

Can I contact NEFF by email?

Talk to a NEFF specialist We can answer your questions. If you prefer you can email us.

How much does it cost to call a NEFF engineer?

0344 892 8989 If your NEFF appliance is not under the two year manufacturer’s warranty, an engineer visit is chargeable at a flat fee of £99 (or £109 within the M25) plus the cost of any replacement spare parts required to repair the NEFF appliance. This fee is inclusive of call out and labour.

Is NEFF a good brand?

One of the most popular choices for anything from ovens to coffee machines is the NEFF brand. They have been operating since 1877 and are still around today due to their quality products. This type of motion is especially good for wheelchair users, as the oven door won’t get in your way.

How do I complain to NEFF?

Neff (UK) complaints contacts

  1. Call Customer Services on 0344 892 8989.
  2. Tweet Neff.

What number should my NEFF fridge be on?

Recommended temperature setting You can set the temperature in the refrigerator compartment from 3°C to 8°C. However, the recommended temperature in the refrigerator compartment is 4°C. While the temperature in the cool-fresh compartment is kept at around 0°C.

Why has my NEFF dishwasher stopped working?

A Neff dishwasher not starting properly could be down to a mains fuse tripping. Or a fault with the appliance plug. Other problems could be a defective door not closing properly, or issues with taps. An electrical engineer will swiftly diagnose and solve these difficulties.

How long is a NEFF warranty?

a two year
All NEFF appliances come with a two year manufacturers warranty. This give complete peace of mind knowing NEFF engineers are ready to help. Also by registering your NEFF appliances, it means that we will have your details in the unlikely event we need to contact you with any safety updates.

Is NEFF same as Bosch?

The company is owned by BSH Home Appliances Ltd, based in Germany. Its 4 UK kitchen appliance brands are Bosch, Siemens, Neff and Gaggenau. Globally it is joined by other BSH brands: Thermador, Balay, Coldex, Constructa, Pitsos, Ufesa, Profilo, Zelmer, Junker, & Viva.

Is NEFF made in China?

NEFF was founded in 1877 in Baden-Württemberg, Southern Germany. Our ovens are made in Germany, in our state-of-the art 105,000m2 factory in Bretten, and we are the largest employer in the region.

Who is the CEO of Neff?

Neff GmbH

Type GmbH
Founded Bretten, Germany (12 June 1877)
Founder Carl Andreas Neff
Headquarters Munich, Germany
Key people Stefan Kinkel Volker Klodwig

How much water does a Neff dishwasher use?

And did you know that our built-in dishwashers use just around 7 litres of water to achieve sparkling results? That’s less than the average watering can.

What number should a fridge be on UK?

The ideal fridge temperature is between 37°F (3°C) and 40°F (5°C). Your freezer temperature should be at 0°F (-18°C).

How can I contact Neff in the UK?

We recognise the fact that often you will need to call us outside normal working hours at a time convenient to you. We also know that sometimes, even making a phone call is inconvenient, so it is also possible to arrange an engineer visit online. For the UK please call: 0344 892 8989.

How do I get a repair done on my Neff?

If your NEFF appliance is covered by an insurance plan or policy, such as Domestic & General, please call NEFF on 0344 892 8989 and an advisor will book a repair for your appliance. Do not book your repair online as you may be charged for the cost of your repair instead of your insurer.

How do I Register my Neff washing machine?

To register your NEFF appliances, simply create your MyNEFF account and start registering your appliances to your account. If you have a question, need to order replacement spare parts or arrange an engineer, call us on 0344 892 8989.

What happens if there is no fault with Neff?

If no fault is found, the parts are not available, or the NEFF appliance is not repairable, the repair will still be chargeable. Please read our repair terms and conditions for more information. In some areas we have approved service partners who carry out repairs on our behalf.