Can I use synthetic oil in my Yamaha outboard?

Can I use synthetic oil in my Yamaha outboard?

Our best full synthetic Outboard oil FC-W® rated by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA®). Also works well in other Yamaha four stroke outboards (such as the V6 Offshore and F70 models) as well as other brands of marine sterndrive and inboard engines.

Is synthetic oil good for outboard motors?

Marine engine manufacturers offer a choice of mineral-based and synthetic-blend or full synthetic oils. It’s also a good choice for the F115 and F70 motors, which can be run up to 6300 rpm.” Trolling in cold water might really be the toughest duty your outboard oil will ever see.

What is the best oil for a 4 stroke outboard motor?

FC-W FourStroke (25W-40) Oil 25W40 is recommended for all marine engines. Things to know about this oil: For use in all four-stroke marine engines. This oil is engineering approved for all marine four-stroke applications including outboard, MerCruiser, high performance, sterndrive/inboard.

Is Yamalube engine oil Synthetic?

Yamalube Performance Semi-Synthetic 10W-50 1 Gallon.

How often should you change oil in a Yamaha 4 stroke outboard?

For a 4-Stroke Yamaha, the required oil change, after the initial 10 hr. service, is 100 hrs, confirmed by a Yamaha Master Technician (one of only two in the state).

How much oil does a 4 stroke outboard use?

4 Stroke Outboard Oil Capacity & Filter Chart

Model US Crankcase Capacity
2.5/3.5 FourStroke 0.31 QT. (10 oz.)
4/5/6 FourStroke 0.48 QT. (15.2 oz.)
8 FourStroke 232cc 1.05 QT. (35 oz.)
8 FourStroke 323cc 1.05 QT. (35 oz.)

Should I use synthetic oil in my Suzuki outboard?

“We recommend a synthetic blend, a combination of synthetic and conventional oils,” says David Greenwood, product planning manager for Suzuki Marine (, which switched its company branded oil from conventional to a synthetic blend two years ago for its four-stroke outboards.

How long does synthetic oil last in a boat?

Frequency. Most engine manufacturers recommend that you change your oil every 50-100 hours (check your owner’s manual for your engine’s exact interval requirements).

How often should you change oil in a Yamaha 4-stroke outboard?