Can rosy barbs and tetras live together?

Can rosy barbs and tetras live together?

Rosy barbs make a great community fish. They socialize well with other nonaggressive fish of a similar size that enjoy cooler water. Fish including swordtails, gouramis, angels, knife fish, ropefish, paradise fish, danios, tetras, many American cichlids, and other barbs make suitable tankmates.

Are barbs OK with tetras?

There are several peaceful barb species that could work just fine though. Its hit miss with tigers and not any more simple than that imo. They can do well with almost any size tetras, but when your females hit full size they will be able to gobble up a neon or similar sized fish.

Are Rosy barbs aggressive?

Are they aggressive? Rosy barbs are tiny in size, approx 6 in (15 cm) long fish. These fish are very peaceful and avoid aggressive behavior. They are comfortable with similar fish that are non-aggressive and enjoy a cooler water temperature, including fish like danios, rope fish, and knife fish.

Are Rosy barbs fin nippers?

Do not keep Rosy Barbs with aggressive or territorial species (like Oscars). These fish are fin-nippers, so don’t keep them with any fish which have long-flowing fins.

Will rosy barbs eat neon tetras?

I’ve seen rosy barbs doing quite well with tetras as long as they’re in their own school of 7 or more. So yeah, mixing them should be alright.

How many tetras can I put in a 10 gallon tank?

Neon tetras can grow up to 1.75 inches. Thus, 1 neon tetra requires around 2 gallons of aquarium water. So using the simple mathematical formula: 10 Gallons/1.75 inches = 5.7 which is equivalent to 6 neon tetras. Therefore, you can keep 5-6 neon tetras in a 10-Gallon tank.

How many cherry barbs should be kept together?

You should keep at least five or more cherry barbs together in a tank, or else if kept single, the fish might become stressed or shy. When thinking about the size of a tank, it should be five gal of water for each fish.

Can you keep rosy barbs with goldfish?

OK, right off the bat, rosy barbs and goldfish can work together, but it has to be done just right. Rosy barbs absolutely need to be kept in a group of five or more. They are a schooling fish and being kept in too small of a group can cause them to be overly aggressive. These little fish are hardy and undemanding.

Can rosy barbs live with guppies?

Tiger barbs, Rosy barbs, Gold barbs, and Denison barbs are problematic fish that should not be kept with guppies because barbs will hurt guppies. As fin-nippers, they’re going to shred the long fins of guppies causing irreversible injuries, fin damage and potentially deadly infections.

Is 10 neon tetras enough?

If you still want to add more neon tetras to your tank, then 10 gallons will not be enough. You will at least need a 20-gallon community aquarium. A 20-Gallon fish tank can hold 10-13 Neon Tetras. The fact that these tetras are schooling fish does not really help in a small aquarium.

How many cherry barbs can I put in a 10 gallon tank?

You can put a couple of cherry barbs in a 5 or a 10 gallon tank, but they won’t be happy. Particularly if there’s more than one male.

Can you mix tiger barbs with neon tetra?

Can i mix neon tetra, tiger barbs, rosy barbs, and possibly guppies togethe… can i mix neon tetra, tiger barbs, rosy barbs, and possibly guppies together? Check it here. tiger barbs are a nightmare in a community tank. they have to be kept in a species only tank. Agree with pcj01.

How big of an aquarium do neon rosy barbs need?

Neon Rosy Barbs are lively fish that will swim in all parts of the tank. They are also good-sized, reaching up to 4 inches in length. A school will need at least a 20-gallon aquarium, but because they are very active swimmers, a tank that is 30 inches long and 30 gallons or more is ideal.

What kind of tank mates do rosy barbs like?

Suitable tank mates are peaceful and prefer cooler water. Fellow Barbs are great choices, such as Tiger Barbs and Cherry Barbs. Alternatively, you could keep them with Swordtails, some Gouramis, Mollies, Pearl Danio or Neon Tetras.

What kind of fish can you keep in a neon tetra tank?

As for stocking level, for the smaller species like rummy nose and cardinal tetras, you can keep roughly 1 tetra for every 2 gallons of water not accounted for by other fish. Rasboras are another popular aquarium fish, and the harlequin rasbora in particular is a good choice for a tank with neon tetras.