Can we move spaces to comp-3?

Can we move spaces to comp-3?

A group move is considered an A/n move regardless of how the elementary fields are defined. COMP is a binary representation of data item, we can enter any thing, it will convert that into binary format and stores init. We cant move SPACE to either COMP or COMP-3.

Can we move spaces to numeric field Cobol?

Moving SPACE or SPACES fills the field with all spaces. The data is moved according to the standard COBOL Conversion rules so a move from a binary field into a display numeric field results in data conversion from binary to Display Numeric format, yielding a result that differs from the Easytrieve MOVE.

Can we move zeros to Comp-3 Variable?

When you move ZERO/ZEROS/ZEROES to a group level which contains elementary COMP-3 fields (in this example) 12-Bytes of Display-Numeric ZERO (X’F0′) is moved to all three fields, which will eventually cause a S0C7 Data Exception. LE has a storage option to initialize memory to LOW-VALUES.

How do I get comp-3 values?

In case the COMP-3 Data, that you want to see is the data in a Mainframe File, and you would like to see the contents on TSO/ISPF, you can turn the HEX ON on the Command Line. In the below file, the last 2 Bytes are COMP-3 Data. You read the Hexa-decimal value in a top-down fashion. 3.

What is Z in COBOL?

As shown in the chart, the Z suppresses leading zeros by turning them to a space. The Z only suppresses leading zeros, embedded zeros such as the zero in the number 2005 are not suppressed. The decimal point means print an actual decimal point in this space.

Can we move packed decimal to numeric in COBOL?

This document describes how packed decimal values (Computational-3) can be converted to numeric values via File Master using COBOL copybooks. The only method to get this done is to use a File Master Reformat data set, aka. One copybook for the source data structure and one for the new data structure.

Can we move numeric to alphanumeric in Cobol?

Yes. Cobol allows to move Alphanumeric variables to numeric variables. Alphabetic to numeric move is not alllowed. However if you move the data as mentioned in your question, you may encounter S0c7 when you do arithmatic or use that var in conditional expression.

Can we move Comp to comp3 in COBOL?

1. it possible to move a comp-3 field to a comp field or display field and vice versa.. 2. it possible to redefine a field with comp-3 status to a comp status.

What is Comp and Comp-3?

Comp is a binary usage, while comp-3 indicates packed decimal. The other common usages are binary and display. Display is the default. 3/28/00 Dave Herrmann: ‘I was reading your FAQ on Cobol, as an fyi Comp is defined as the fastest/preferred numeric data type for the machine it runs on.

What is Comp-3 variable in mainframe?

(See note 1 about terminology) COBOL Comp-3 is a binary field type that puts (“packs”) two digits into each byte, using a notation called Binary Coded Decimal, or BCD. This halves the storage requirements compared to a character, or COBOL “display”, field.

How do you convert PD to ZD?

To change this to readable format, you need to convert these numbers into ZONED Decimal (ZD) format. This can be accomplished using SORT. p,m,PD,TO=ZD converts the PD values to ZD values. By default, a 4-byte BI value produces a 7-byte ZD value, but LENGTH=6 override the default length to produce a 6-byte ZD value.

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What happens when you move from display to comp-3?

Both are assumed USAGE DISPLAY. Now when you do a group level move from SUB-STRUCT-1 to a COMP-3 (Packed Decimal) you effectively tell the compiler not to convert from DISPLAY to COMP-3 format. And that is what you get. Try the following modifications to your code. Using REDEFINES creates a numeric elementary item for the move.

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