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Can you beat Nepto dragon?

Can you beat Nepto dragon?

Battle. Nepto Dragon’s battle is similar to Bahamut’s, so the player’s only chance of getting out of this battle is running from it. In the NES version though, it is possible to “defeat” him by using the fully equipped Onion Knight strategy (“FEOKS”).

What is Nepto?

What is NEPTO. NEPTO represents a group of independent non-profit organizations, each working to share the best of Palestine with travelers from around the world. NEPTO believes in the kind of tourism that supports local communities, protects the heritage, and respects the environment of Palestine.

How to beat Nepto dragon ff3?


  1. You shouldn’t fight it; it’s impossible to beat.
  2. Don’t fight it use the land route to nepto temple, go in, use mini, go in the stone dragon mouth (trust me), keep going in, beat the giant rat boss, get out of the stone dragon, use mini to un-mini your characters, put the eye in the stone dragon eye socket.

How do you catch a Nepto dragon?

To catch nepto dragon u need to catch 3 little Thanatos get fishers intuition use patience 2 powerful hookset and hope for the best. I took two tries. Use boat in costal del sol pier go to rhotono boat during rain or showers and fish off of back of the boat.

Where is King Argus ff3?

Castle Argus, also known as Argass Castle, is a location in Final Fantasy III found across the sea from Vikings’ Cove and Nepto Temple. The party can enter it after completing plot events in those locations, but it will be empty until freeing the residents from Castle Hein.

How do you catch the warden of the seven hues?

Warden of the Seven Hues (Yanxia): This one is an intuition fish, requiring in total 5 Green Prismfish, 3 Indigo Prismfish, and 3 Firelight Prismfish to trigger the intuition buff. Other than the intuition requirement, you can catch it in any weather. First of all, this fish is gated by Green Prismfish windows.

What is Fishers intuition Ffxiv?

Fisher’s Intuition is a buff that enables certain fish to be caught. Like all other buffs, the effect of Fisher’s Intuition is snapshotted at the time of the cast, which means that it can fall off while waiting for a bite and still have an effect.

How do you beat Gutsco in Final Fantasy 3?

Strategy. Players should remove Mini as quickly as possible, otherwise he will kill a character with his next attack. Gutsco should be hammered away with physical attacks by three party members while one is casting Cure or Cura to heal the party. A Black Mage or two attacking with level 3 magic works as well.

Where is Toad ff3?

Final Fantasy III Toad is a Level 2 White Magic spell that can both inflict and remove the Toad status. It can be bought in Gysahl for 700 gil or can be obtained for free from the Gulgans in Gulgan Gulch.

Where do you get magic keys in Final Fantasy 3?

Final Fantasy III Magic Key is an item that allows the player to unlock locked doors without the aid of a Thief as their lead party member. It can be bought for 100 gil at Gysahl or found in various chests throughout the game.

How do I get into Hein castle?

Getting there is fairly easy once you’re back in your ship. Head back into the inner waterway (that we were earlier limited to because of the whirlpool) and go to the south. Tokkul is located here. Head on in for more events to automatically take place – you’ll be imprisoned in nearby Castle Hein.

What does Dragoon do in Final Fantasy 3?

Dragoons are polearm experts. Their Jump ability allows them to deal massive damage while being impervious to enemy attacks. The bearer of this certificate has tamed the very skies and is deemed worthy of the title of Master Dragoon. The Dragoon is a job class in Final Fantasy III.

How to slay the Blue Dragon in Final Fantasy?

Its special attack, Blue Fang, can inflict Stop on a character. Slaying the Blue Dragon gives the player Celes’s ultimate weapon, Save the Queen, and shatters the Seal of Water blocking certain areas of the dungeon. Spells such as Thundaga, Flare, and Ultima help defeat the Blue Dragon.

What are the best spells to defeat the Blue Dragon?

Spells such as Thundaga, Flare, and Ultima help defeat the Blue Dragon. It is best to avoid using spells such as Haste or Shell, or the Blue Dragon will cast status effects on itself and use Rippler to transfer them to the buffed character.

How to cure petrifaction in Final Fantasy 3?

Petrifaction is a real pain in the ass, and can only be cured by way of a Gold Needle. Since you can’t attack when petrified, you’re gonna wanna be able to heal it. Therefore, you’re gonna wanna stock up before you head out of here.