Can you customize Ringor cleats?

Can you customize Ringor cleats?

Currently individual customization is not available through Ringor. However, we do offer custom team footwear through our Team Sales Program. Please contact a sales rep for more information. Q: How should I care for my Ringor cleats?

Do pitchers wear high top cleats?

Do pitchers wear metal cleats? Pitchers often wear metal baseball cleats, as they are the best at providing high levels of traction and grip. However, there are some factors that can stop a pitcher from wearing metal cleats, such as the surface they play on and if their league allows them to be worn.

Are metal cleats good for pitching in softball?

Pitchers can benefit from a cleat with a reinforced toe. This is important due to most pitchers’ toe drag. Pitchers should also opt for a low-top style to accommodate their ankle movement. Metal cleats pick up less dirt and grass than molded ones, so they’re great for infielders and outfielders alike.

Where are Ringor cleats made?

Ringor footwear is manufactured in China, while most other products are manufactured in the U.S.. We work closely with our production facilities on a daily basis to ensure that the highest standards for quality and safety are used in making our products.

Are high top cleats better for baseball?

High tops help to get extra support while having lateral movement but low tops are good for the straightforward movement. For the pitchers, low tops are better than the high tops. For speed low tops are better than the high tops. For stability, high tops are better than the low tops.

Do pitchers use metal cleats?

As for providing more grip and traction, metal cleats are suggested most for the pitcher. Because as a pitcher you need to have complete control over your body. For which, enough traction and sufficient grip are mandatory.

Are metal cleats being banned in softball?

Are metal cleats allowed in Fastpitch softball? Yes, metal cleats are approved for wear in NCAA, NAIA, and NFHS play. USA Softball, NSA Softball, and USSSA allow metal cleats for play in 14U and older.

At what age can you wear metal cleats?

Metal cleats may NOT be worn for any little league division under the age of 13. Also, football cleats have a longer cleat which can cause significant damage to our infields, so please do not use football cleats for baseball/softball.