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Can you see another dentist for a second opinion?

Can you see another dentist for a second opinion?

There are several ways you can find another dentist to assess your problem: Ask your primary dentist. If you have a good relationship with your current dentist, ask him or her for a referral to another dentist for a second opinion. “I’ve had patients ask me whom they can turn to for a second opinion,” says Price.

Can dentists refuse NHS patients?

If a patient needs treatment, they should not be expected to pay privately, although the dentist should explain suitable private options for consideration. Dentists are not allowed to refuse any treatment available on the NHS and then offer it privately.

Why is it so hard to find an NHS dentist?

What are the problems? Dentists attribute closures and service changes to problems with recruitment and increased running costs. They say the money they receive from the NHS, and the contract requirements (including financial penalties), make it impossible to provide dental provision in a financially viable way.

Are private dentists better than NHS dentists?

The prices for private dental treatment are often only marginally more expensive than for NHS treatment. This means that, as a patient, you will gain all of the benefits available from having a private dentist for very little extra cost!

How long do dentists keep you registered?

Once registered, you stay on that dentist’s patient list for 24 months. This registration period will be extended if you return for another examination or further treatment during that period.

Can I switch from private to NHS dentist?

At a private dentist, you can ask to see a different dentist at the practice usually without any problem. Also, it is not usually possible to move to an NHS dentist due to tight funding constraints within each individual practice. There may not be enough NHS places to care for you at another dental practice.

Do you have to pay for second opinion at dentist?

The NHS does not offer a second opinion service so you will have to pay. What if my dentist says they cannot offer a treatment on the NHS? If you believe your treatment should be available on the NHS you can ask your dentist to request a review by a Regional Dental Officer.

What happens if you ask for a second opinion?

People who ask for a second opinion have already seen a doctor, so they may have to wait. A second opinion with a different consultant will also usually be at a different hospital, which may involve some travelling. Getting a second opinion may therefore delay any treatment that you need.

What happens when you visit an NHS dentist-NHS?

If your dentist recommends a Band 2 or Band 3 dental treatment, you’ll be given a personal dental treatment plan (PDF, 19kb) in advance. This outlines all the treatments you are having on the NHS and how much they will cost. If you are not given a treatment plan, ask for one.

Can a GP refer you to a second opinion?

If your GP agrees to refer you to a new consultant, the consultant will be told that this is your second opinion. They will also be sent any relevant test results or X-rays previously carried out.