Can you stream Coachella?

Can you stream Coachella?

When Coachella comes back next year, you’ll be able to live stream (most likely select) performances on YouTube again. The Google-owned video platform is back as the music festival’s official partner after a two-year absence due to the pandemic.

Will Coachella 2021 happen?

After canceling for the past two years, Southern California’s marquee music festivals Coachella and Stagecoach are a go for 2022. The events will occur back-to-back in April, promoter Goldenvoice announced on Tuesday. Coachella 2021 dates were announced for April 9-11, 2021 and April 16 – 18, 2021.

How hot does Coachella get?

In Coachella, the summers are sweltering and arid, the winters are cool, and it is mostly clear year round. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 40°F to 107°F and is rarely below 32°F or above 112°F.

What is Coachella theme?

If we could describe Coachella it’s a mix of little indian, bohemian and rock star. Think flower crowns, tattoos, music, teepees, dream catchers, fresh fruits, soft colours, feathers, ribbons, ice cream, balloons, pool parties and food trucks. Making it an ideal and versatile on trend theme for your next kid’s party.

What should I wear Coachella?

Think floral blouses, flowing midi skirts, and funky accessories to top it all off. Channel the ’90s and 2000s with a punked-up LBD and little shoulder bag just for the essentials. From there, some fun eye makeup and your festival wristband are all you need.

What should you not wear to Coachella?

DON’T wear heels or flip flops to Coachella. If you’re going to wear heels to Coachella, you’re going to look like a dumbass, and we’ll throw you up on our Hot vs. BUT, if you must must wear flip flops, wear these.

Is there an app for Coachella for mobile?

Use your phone to keep connected with Coachella every step of the way. Exciting new features will be announced as Coachella 2019 approaches. Install the Coachella Mobile App for your iOS and Android devices to get the most up-to-date information and take part in interactive fun.

What do you need to know about Coachella, CA?

Click the ‘Learn More’ link below for State, County and City information that can assist residents and business with important information that can be of assistance. Also included is Riverside County and City of Coachella COVID-19 infection rates along with a map that provides Food Access Sites.

Are there any official travel packages for Coachella?

Official Hotel Travel Packages are available for both Coachella weekends and sold exclusively through Valley Music Travel. Persons of any gender identity or expression, sex, sexual orientation, race, religion, age or ability are welcome at Coachella.

Who are the artists playing at Coachella 2019?

Coachella 2019: Emerging Acts Get ready to discover your new favorite artist in Indio. Coachella 2019: Hip Hop From longtime favorites to exciting new up-and-comers, get a taste of the rappers set to take the stage in Indio.