Can you swim in Purakaunui Falls?

Can you swim in Purakaunui Falls?

I wouldn’t recommend trying to swim there (it’s probably too shallow anyway) and there really isn’t much else to explore. That makes it a quick, easy and very scenic stop on your road trip through the Catlins.

How long is Purakaunui Falls walk?

Purakaunui Falls

Driving and walking conditions
GPS of the view point: S 46° 31.061′ E 169° 33.661′
Road type:2km Gravel Road Return track duration: 20min
Waterfall parameters
Waterfall height: 20m Type of the waterfall: Tiered

Where are the Catlins in New Zealand?

South Island
The Catlins (sometimes referred to as The Catlins Coast) comprises an area in the southeastern corner of the South Island of New Zealand. The area lies between Balclutha and Invercargill, straddling the boundary between the Otago and Southland regions. It includes the South Island’s southernmost point, Slope Point.

Can you swim at Tunnel beach?

This is an exposed coastal site. Take care around cliffs as they may be slippery and unstable after heavy rain. This is not a swimming beach. Take care walking on the road as it can become busy, particularly between 9 am – 3 pm.

How many beaches are in Dunedin?

25 beaches
There are over 25 beaches in Dunedin and they’re all special in their own way. From the wild beaches of the Otago Peninsula to the sheltered bays of the harbour as well as New Zealand’s nicest city beach, Dunedin is the place to go for beach exploration.

How do you get to Sutherland Falls New Zealand?

There is an official side track to the Sutherland Falls base (1.5 hours return from Quintin Lodge) which branches from the main trail near Quintin Lodge and Shelter. Leave your pack at the Shelter (but take your raincoat) and follow the track to the falls.

Why are they called Catlins?

The Catlins was named after the Catlins River, which in turn was named after a whaling captain named Edward Catlin. By the late 1800’s The Catlins became a major saw milling region. However, after the decline of saw milling and a series of bushfires, the logging industry was shut down.

Why is there a tunnel at Tunnel Beach?

For thousands of years, the sea sculpted a dramatic scene into the sandstone cliffs near Dunedin. The founder of Otago settlement was William Cargill. His son, John, ordered a tunnel dug to a hidden beach in the 1870s – supposedly so that his family could have a private place to bathe.

Why is Tunnel Beach called Tunnel Beach?

At the end of the track you will find the handcarved rock tunnel that gives Tunnel Beach it’s name. Built in the 1870s, the passage allows access to a secluded and sheltered beach at the base of the cliffs.

Does Dunedin have a beach?

The undeveloped 385-acre barrier island off Dunedin has four miles of sandy beaches, hiking trails and bird-watching opportunities along the Osprey Trail. Upon arriving, visit the Rotary Centennial Nature Center to learn about the island.

Where is the most beautiful waterfall in the world?

Top 10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in the World

  1. Victoria Falls, Zambia and Zimbabwe.
  2. Iguazu Falls, Argentina and Brazil.
  3. Angel Falls, Venezuela.
  4. Niagara Falls, New York and Ontario.
  5. Yosemite Falls, California, USA.
  6. Plitvice Falls, Croatia.
  7. Kaieteur Falls, Guyana.
  8. Gullfoss Falls, Iceland.