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Can you walk up Monte Baldo?

Can you walk up Monte Baldo?

The cable car up Monte Baldo is open all year round. Every season has its own charm, to be discovered as you wish! One of the main reason is that, you can walk all year round on Mount Baldo. The mountain is not so crowded during low season: the charming and quiet atmosphere is worthy to be discovered.

How long does it take to walk Monte Baldo?

The area is rich in rare and endemic species of fauna. The tour is 7.33 km long, with average difficulty, and takes about 3 hours. You have to walk along 1350 meters of positive height difference. It can be done in reverse descending to San Michele from the top station of the cable car.

How do you get to Monte Baldo?

The station at the top of Monte Baldo It is located in Tratto Spino, at 1760 meters of height. You can reach it both by foot or bike (only from eastern side and if you are well trained), or by cable car.

Can you swim at Lake Garda?

Lake Garda is a stunning holiday destination in northern Italy. There may be no ocean, but the lake itself offers some wonderful beaches for swimming and sunbathing in the Italian summer sunshine.

Is Monte Baldo in the Dolomites?

The most beautiful terrace of Lake Garda, this is how the Monte Baldo is also called, offers a splendid view on the Lombardian Alps, the Venetian Alps as well as the Dolomites and the Padan Plain.

How high is Mount Baldo?

2,218 m
Monte Baldo/Elevation

How tall is Monte Baldo in feet?

Where is Monte Baldo in Italy?

Monte Baldo is a mountain range in the Italian Alps, located in the provinces of Trento and Verona.

How many days do you need in Lake Garda?

How much time do you need in Lake Garda? You can drive around Lake Garda and get a quick impression in just a day or you can spend a week in the area and you’ll find plenty to see and do… Ideally, I suggest at least 2-3 days at Lake Garda.