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Did Ben Johnson test positive for drugs?

Did Ben Johnson test positive for drugs?

In late 1999, Johnson failed a drug test for the third time by testing positive for hydrochlorothiazide, a banned diuretic that can be used to mask the presence of other drugs. Johnson had not competed since 1993 and had arranged the test himself as part of his efforts to be reinstated.

Who won the 100m sprint in 1988?

sprinter Ben Johnson
The 100 meter final at the 1988 Seoul Olympics remains one of the most infamous and fascinating moments in the games’ history. The race was won in a world record time by Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson. But he was to be stripped of his medal and record under the shadow of drug use.

What ever happened to Ben Johnson?

Johnson was subsequently stripped of his Olympic gold medal and the world 100-metre record and banned for two years. He received a lifetime ban after testing positive a second time in 1993 following his comeback. Today, Johnson coaches professionally and lives in a condominium in Markham.

Who was the Olympic 100 meter champion in 1988?

The Men’s 100 meters at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea ended in controversy after world champion Ben Johnson of Canada defeated defending Olympic champion Carl Lewis of the United States in a world record time of 9.79, breaking his own record…

Who was in the 100m final in Seoul 1988?

Ben Johnson, second from left, won the Seoul Olympics’ 100m final ahead of rivals such as Carl Lewis, right, and Calvin Smith, second from right. He was disqualified three days later.

Who was disqualified from the 1988 Olympics for steroid use?

A very publicized steroid-related disqualification at an Olympic Games was the case of Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson, who won the Men’s 100 metres at the 1988 Seoul Olympics, but tested positive for stanozolol.

Who was involved in the 1988 Olympic doping scandal?

Johnson was joined by Jose Canseco, another tarnished star who has made a second career out of discussing how he cheated during his first. Canseco suggested that he be given carte blanche to enter major league clubhouses to talk to players about doping.