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Did Franklin really play the piano in My Wife and Kids?

Did Franklin really play the piano in My Wife and Kids?

Twitter fans are shook to discover Noah Gray-Cabey is the same person who played the piano-playing child prodigy, Franklin, on My Wife and Kids. Gray-Cabey played a young 9-year-old Franklin Aloysious Mumford on the show, who graduated Harvard before the age for 7.

Who played Shawn Beglight?

Noah Gray-Cabey
Noah Gray-Cabey played Shawn Beglight in the season two Grey’s Anatomy episode What Have I Done to Deserve This?.

How old is Noah GREY Cabey?

25 years (16 November 1995)
Noah Gray-Cabey/Age

Who is the little boy in Heroes?

Noah Gray-Cabey was just 11 years old when he starred as child prodigy Micah Sanders on the hit NBC show, Heroes. Noah was literally the cutest, with that curly hair and those big brown eyes.

Why was My Wife and Kids Cancelled?

Cancellation. In May 2005, ABC decided to end the show, citing declining ratings. ABC officials, according to the Futon Critic and felt the show played itself out. Wayans was also on record stating that ABC had ensured him a spot in the 2005–2006 television season hence the cliffhanger.

Why did they change Claire on my wife?

Raycole appeared in the first dozen episodes of My Wife and Kids. However she was subsequently replaced on the show by Jennifer Freeman when the second season began. It is reported that Raycole was removed from the show by her mother, who was concerned about a storyline involving the pregnancy of a friend.

Why was Vanessa replaced on my wife?

Casting changes It was publicly reported that she was pulled from the series by her mother over concerns about the second season opening storyline in which Raycole (as Claire) finds her friend Charmaine (portrayed by Raven-Symoné) has become pregnant.

Why did My Wife and Kids end?

What is Micah’s power?

Powers and abilities Micah is a technopath, which enables him to “communicate with machines and electronics”. His power seems to require physical contact with the device and a certain level of concentration, after which the changes he wishes to make are almost instantaneous.

How old is Micah from Heroes?


Micah Sanders
Gender Male
Age 14
Occupation Elementary school student
Residence The Dawsons’ home, formerly the Sanderses’ home

What does Michael Kyle do for a living?

Michael Kyle

General Information
Marital Status: Married to Jay Kyle
Occupation(s): Owner of Trucking Company
Nickname: Mike Michael Mike Love Baldy Mike Love-d-d-Did