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Did Kayise ngqula lost her husband?

Did Kayise ngqula lost her husband?

Kayise Ngqula reflects on two years since losing her hubby in fatal car crash. Kaysie Ngqula is standing tall despite the tragedy she’s faced. It’s been two years since former OPW presenter Kayise Ngqula’s husband was killed in a car crash.

Is Kayise ngqula related to Khaya Ngqula?

And although we don’t know much about Kayise, she recently revealed on a Power FM interview that she is actually related to former SABC 1 continuity presenter Dicksy Ngqula.

Is Kayise ngqula married?

Kayise Ngqula’s Husband is Farai Sibanda. Kayise Ngqula and Farai Sibanda officially tied the knot in August 2018 AD after being in a relationship for some time.

How many kids does Kayise have?


Name Kayise Nolufefe Ngqula
Nationality South African
Spouse Farai Sibanda (m. 2018-2019)
Son kaZuko
Profession Presenter, actress

How Kayise ngqula lost her husband?

It has been two years since Kayise Ngqula lost her husband in a car accident. For the longest time, the presenter had it all, a husband and a new baby, and then her whole life changed when she and her hubby were involved in a car accident, which she survived and unfortunately, he passed away.

How old is Kayise ngqula?

Kayise Ngqula was born to her parents on 13th May 1991, in South Africa. As of 2021, she turned 30 years. At the young age of 10, their family moved to Pretoria….Kayise Ngqula Wiki / Biography.

Full Name Kayise Ngqula
Child Zuko
Birthdate 13th May ,1991
Age 30 Years ( As of 2021)
Occupation Presenter and Actress

Who is Khayakazi ngqula?

Khayakazi Ngqula – Managing Director – Pixel Perfect Productions | LinkedIn.

What happened Kayise husband?

Former Our Perfect Wedding presenter Kayise Ngqula has once again opened up about the heartbreak of losing her husband Farai Sibanda, recounting how she begged him to wake up and stay with her. The actress lost her husband in a car accident on June 22 last year.

When did Kayise lose her husband?

In commemoration of International Widows’ Day on Tuesday, Kayise shared a love letter to her late husband through her new YouTube channel After Dark with Kayise. The actress lost her husband in a car accident on June 22 last year.

Who is Kayise ngqula?

Kayise Ngqula is a South African television presenter, actress, and producer. She gain fame and limelight when she appeared in SABC 1 drama series Mina Nawe. This was her breakthrough performance in his career. From this series, she makes herself and her acting skills recognizable among the audience.

How old is Kayise?