Did Lauren Bacall do the singing in To Have and Have Not?

Did Lauren Bacall do the singing in To Have and Have Not?

The 1944 war-time romance To Have and Have Not marked Lauren “Betty” Bacall’s first movie (she was 19). Contrary to legend–that Andy Williams sang for her in the movie–Bacall did her own singing.

Did Lauren Bacall do her own singing in the big sleep?

There was another picture where she sang, ‘The Big Sleep. ‘ And that was her voice too. In addition, Ray Heindorf, Warner Brothers’ musical director at that time, told a 1972 interviewer: ”Lauren Bacall did her own singing. A voice double was not used.

Did Lauren Bacall have a raspy voice?

Yes, this is a diagnosable vocal disorder. Bogart-Bacall Syndrome is named for both Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, both actors lowered their voices outside their natural range. The gravelly sound hear is vocal fatigue. Lowering your voice for a prolonged period, eventually causes permanent vocal damage.

Why does she call him Steve in To Have and Have Not?

Lauren Bacall as Marie “Slim” Browning. At the time of casting Bacall was an 18-year-old model. Hawks sought Bacall out in April 1943 and signed her for the role, her first movie appearance. In the film, Harry calls her by the nickname “Slim”, and she calls him “Steve”, the nicknames used between Keith and Hawks.

How old was Lauren Bacall in To Have and Have Not?

She was known initially for her alluring, sultry presence and her distinctive, husky voice. Bacall began a career as a model before making her film debut at the age of 19 as the leading lady in To Have and Have Not (1944).

Did Bogart and Bergman get along?

Question: Did Humphrey Bogart have an affair with Ingred Bergman? Answer: No. Although there was wonderful chemistry onscreen, they never had a romance or affair in real life.


: people who have little money and few possessions : poor people —usually used in the phrase the haves and the have-nots the gap between the haves and the have-nots.

Who is the proposed the concept of have and have not?

Ernest Hemingway
To Have and Have Not

First edition cover
Author Ernest Hemingway
Genre Fiction
Publisher Charles Scribner’s Sons
Publication date 1937

Why did William Holden hate Bogart?

Bogart chided Holden, according to Audrey’s biography, for everything from his good looks to his poor acting. With his misery devolving into paranoia, he even accused Wilder of secretly rewriting the script so that Holden would end up with Hepburn’s character.

How old was Lauren Bacall in to have and have not?

Bacall made her bright-eyed debut in 1944’s To Have and Have Not, which paired her with an aging Humphrey Bogart. Bacall was 20 at the time, a middle-class girl from the Bronx doing part-time modeling; Bogart was 44 and at the peak of his career.

How did Andy Williams get Lauren Bacall to sing?

Bacall’s singing voice, Williams wrote, “wasn’t quite good enough for a number she had to do in the film. Mr. Chambers had been auditioning scores of women, including Bob Hope’s wife, Dolores, to sing for Bacall, but because she had a low, husky voice, none of the singers he auditioned had the sound he was looking for.

Who is Lauren Bacall playing in the whistle scene?

The scene has Bogart’s Harry “Steve” Morgan, a fishing captain in Vichy France, consider smuggling members of the resistance on his boat; Bacall, playing Marie “Slim” Browning, tries to change his mind.

Why did Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart go to Washington?

In 1947, as the House Un-American Activities Committee investigated Americans suspected of Communism, Ms. Bacall and Bogart flew to Washington as part of a group known as the Committee for the First Amendment. Credit…