Discounts Rig Owners Can Get With Fuel Cards: A Quick Guide

When you run a fleet of rigs, especially a large fleet, you will undoubtedly be looking for the most effective ways to save money without needing to impact your company’s output.

Business fuel cards, also known as fleet gas cards, are a powerful tool that can help businesses save money on their fuel expenses. These cards are specifically designed to provide discounts and other benefits for companies that need to purchase fuel for their vehicles.

So, for all money-savvy rig owners out there, here are some of the critical discounts that businesses can get with a business fuel card.

Fuel Discounts

A benefit that any rigging business will want to take advantage of with a business gas card is the fuel discounts that come with it. These discounts can be significant and can save companies a lot of money over time. Business fuel card providers negotiate deals with fuel merchants, and these discounts are passed on to the cardholders. As a result, businesses can save a lot of money on fuel purchases simply by using a business gas card to pay for their fuel.


Many business fuel card providers offer rebates on fuel purchases. These rebates can be a percentage of the total fuel purchase or a fixed amount per gallon. For example, a business fuel card may offer a refund of 5 cents per gallon for every fuel purchase made with the card. These rebates can add up quickly and can provide significant savings over time.

Volume Discounts

Businesses that purchase large amounts of fuel can often qualify for volume discounts. These discounts are typically offered by fuel merchants and can be negotiated directly with the merchant. However, many business fuel card providers also provide volume discounts for their cardholders. These discounts are typically based on the total amount of fuel purchased with the card over a certain period of time.

Maintenance Discounts

In addition to fuel discounts, many business fuel card providers offer discounts on vehicle maintenance services. These discounts can include oil changes, tire rotations, and other routine maintenance services. So, if your business is looking for a way that it can save money on its vehicle maintenance expenses and keep the vehicles running smoothly, a gas card is the way to go!

Convenience Store Discounts

Many fuel merchants also have convenience stores attached to their fuel stations. These convenience stores often sell snacks, drinks, and other items that drivers may need while on the road. Some business fuel card providers offer discounts on these convenience store purchases. By taking advantage of store discounts, companies can save money on these small purchases and keep their drivers happy and well-fed, which will keep productivity up and your business moving smoothly.

Roadside Assistance

Some business fuel card providers offer roadside assistance services to their cardholders. These services can include towing, jump-starts, and other emergency services. By having access to these services, businesses can save money on the cost of these services and get their vehicles back on the road quickly in the event of an emergency. This will also help you to claim back any damages on insurance too.