Do you need a 4wd to get to Kroombit tops?

Do you need a 4wd to get to Kroombit tops?

Driving conditions: You need a four-wheel-drive vehicle. This is a dry weather access only route because there are numerous creek crossings and black soil that becomes very hazardous in wet conditions. Access route: Travel 12km north along the Burnett Highway.

Can you camp at Kroombit tops?

Camping in Kroombit Tops. Three camping areas are provided: Griffiths Creek camping area—accessible by conventional vehicle in dry conditions only. The Razorback camping area—accessible by four-wheel-drive.

How did beautiful Betsy crash?

The story and the crash are now well documented but until August 2, 1994, the disappearance of a large US Air Force aircraft and the eight aviators onboard was a tragic mystery. It was finally solved when a park ranger accidentally stumbled on the wreckage strewn across hundreds of meters.

When was Beautiful Betsy found?

2 August 1994
It is 399 km northwest of Brisbane. Cania Gorge National Park is located approximately 25 km to the south. In February 1945, an American Liberator Bomber, “Beautiful Betsy”, crashed into what is now Kroombit Tops National Park. The wreckage was discovered on 2 August 1994.

How do I get to beautiful Betsy?

How to get there? If you’re in a conventional car or towing a trailer or caravan, you’ll need to access the park via Ubobo via the Dawson Highway near Calliope. The route takes you 70 kilometres along unsealed roads to the Griffith Creek camp site.

Who found beautiful Betsy?

The mangled wreckage of the Liberator; known as “Beautiful Betsy”, was uncovered by Parks and Wildlife rangers backburning In dense bushland three weeks ago.

Where are the Kroombit Tops national park located?

Kroombit Tops is a national park in Central Queensland, Australia. It is between Monto and Calliope. It is two parts. The largest part is within the localities of Tablelands, Valentine Plains, Cania and Boyne Valley, while the smaller part is in the locality of Mount Alma.

Where is the marble waterhole in Kroombit Tops?

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How to get to the bottom of the Kroombit Tops?

From Ubobo, you can choose to go along the razorback track or along the Cedar Bar Road track which leads you to the bottom of the Kroombit Tops National Park. If you’re into a bit more 4WDriving, the Razorback track has some pretty steep inclines and water crossings, however, it can be shut down if there has been a bit of rain.

Where is the Razorback track in Kroombit Tops?

Details:The Razorback track takes visitors from Kroombit Tops’ western boundary up through rugged terrain in panoramic scenery atop twisting ridges and into the core of the park. It is also accessible at its eastern end via Tablelands Road as a challenging and rewarding scenic drive.