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Do you need to book appointment to visit Apple Store?

Do you need to book appointment to visit Apple Store?

You don’t. There is no way to make appointments for shopping, nor do you need to make one. Appointments are only for service. Just go to a store, and tell them you want to buy something.

Do you have to book appointment for Apple Store Australia?

Apple Sydney. We’re currently open for Click & Collect and support at the Genius Bar by making a reservation. We are unable to welcome walk-in customers at this time, but look forward to welcoming you for Click & Collect and support.

How do I make appointment at Apple Store?

  1. Install the Apple Store app on your device, then open it.
  2. To make an appointment, tap Stores.
  3. Choose an appointment type, such as the Genius Bar for personalized troubleshooting.
  4. Choose a nearby store location.
  5. Select from available appointment times.
  6. Confirm all the details.
  7. Before you come in, back up your data.

How many Apple stores are in Australia?

Countries and regions

# Country / Region Number of stores
4 Canada 28
5 Italy 17
6 Australia 22
7 China 43

Can you walk in Apple Store?

A: You can shop, browse, and try out products at Apple Store locations that have fully reopened. We’re focused on limiting occupancy in every store, so you may experience short wait times before being allowed to enter. Please check the status of your nearest Apple Store at

Are Apple products cheaper in Australia?

In the US, the same device costs just $US699, more than 12 percent cheaper. This places Australia at 18th cheapest in the world, with the US (specifically Los Angeles), Hong Kong and Japan being the cheapest place in the world to buy the new iPhone.