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Does AT have a tracking device?

Does AT have a tracking device?

Features, alerts, and more. Location tracking is the most popular AT Secure Family™ feature. You’ll get the best location results if you pair your device with your child’s device. That way, Secure Family can use your child’s smartphone GPS and the cell towers in our network to track locations.

What is AT FamilyMap?

AT FamilyMap is a wonderful app that allows virtually locating your family members, seeing their real-time location, getting alerts, tracking daily travel history, and also finding a stolen or lost phone. You can use this app to keep a check on your children and about their whereabouts.

Can AT track my phone if it’s turned off?

Yes – the AT Phone Locator can even help you to locate a lost or stolen device. Also, in order to locate the device, it should be in the AT network coverage and must be turned on. If the device is off or out of coverage, then you can only track its past location history instead of a real-time location.

Is AT Mobile Security real?

Proactive detection and malware/virus protection for your Android and iOS phone. AT Mobile Security helps protect your phone from malware, viruses, and system threats. The “all-in-one” mobile security app provides proactive detection and malware/virus protection for your Android and iOS phone.

How accurate is AT Family Locator?

For phones where A-GPS is not available, FamilyMap uses cell tower information to triangulate your location and provide the most accurate location possible, which is usually within a few hundred yards to a few miles of the phone’s actual location.

How do I stop AT Family Map from being tracked?

You can also call AT Customer Care at 800-331-0500, or log on to to turn Family Map services off.

How much does AT Mobile Security cost?

Your smartphone needs smart security Requires AT Mobile Security Plus, $3.99/mo., subscription auto renews and bills monthly unless canceled. Included at no extra cost with AT Unlimited Elite/Extra plans. May not detect all compromises or leaks of your personal data.