Does Ayla have magic?

Does Ayla have magic?

Although Ayla cannot use any magic, she has a small percentage of resistance against Fire magic (each character has a small resistance against something).

Is Ayla good in Chrono Trigger?

In Chrono Trigger Ayla is your physical attack powerhouse. She’s capable of dishing out incredible physical attack damage with her extremely high strength and great speed. Unlike most characters in Chrono Trigger Ayla has a weapon that increases in power automatically.

Does Ayla like Crono?

Ayla is possibly bisexual, as suggested in a piece of dialogue in the Japanese Super Nintendo version between her, Crono, and Lucca Ashtear, where she identifies that she is attracted to both of them due to their power.

Does Ayla have a tail?

Since the name includes “Tail” and “Spin”, Ayla obviously uses her tail to her gain momentum while spinning. However, Ayla does not actually have a tail. The purple tail-like strip of fur is the extension of her Power Scarf.

Is Robo good Chrono Trigger?

Robo, who, like Ayla, is completely lacking in magic, easily ranks as the 3rd best character in the game. Despite not having magic, he has much greater skill versatility than any of the other characters and, somewhat counter-intuitively, the best heal spell in Heal Beam.

How do you beat flea Chrono Trigger?

Quick Kill strategy It is possible to quickly win this battle without having to heal once. First, the player would have to choose Robo as the third party member. From there, one must simply equip Crono and Frog with Berserker Rings, while Robo uses Robo Tackle on Flea.

Where did Ayla go Chrono Trigger?

Tyranno Lair
Ayla asks for Dactyls, because Ayla wanted to go to Tyranno Lair, which is the Reptite Castle / Citadel.

How old is Marle trigger?


Age 16
Weapon Type Crossbow
Magical Element Ice
Family Royal family of Guardia Crono (Husband) King Guardia XXXIII (father) Queen Aliza (mother) Crono’s Mother (mother in-law) Doan (descendant) Ayla (ancestor) Kino (ancestor)