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Does Death work on Neochu?

Does Death work on Neochu?

Death has a 1% chance of succeeding, increasing with each debuff. Thus, casting Imperil on Neochu, its only debuff weakness, can boost the chance of success with Death to 2%. The battle can last an undetermined amount of time, anywhere from 20 seconds to 30 minutes. Death works like a roulette wheel.

How to beat Neochu Mission 55?

Toss a librascope REALLY fast (Try to get it in before you get knocked in the air.) Now let Snow take all the Damage, with lightning healing him at ALL times. With Vanille, simply spam death. EVERYONE knows that the hardest part of this battle is after killing Neochu, so just pray you kill him quick.

Can you upgrade the growth egg?

User Info: cloudblade70. Yep, Growth Egg doesn’t transform any further. Upgrade it to * if you want for pure aesthetic reasons (I did).

What kind of enemy is neochu in Final Fantasy XIII?

ネオチュー (Neochū?) Neochu is an enemy in Final Fantasy XIII. It is the mark of Cie’th Stone Mission 45 and 55. Like its weaker variant, Neochu is not fought on its own, as it can spawn four to five Picochus to fight alongside it when its health reaches certain thresholds. Neochus resemble Ochu, but are brown instead of green.

How many tendril strikes does a neochu use?

Excluding summoning Picochus, the Neochu’s attack pattern is to use five tendril strikes, Screech, and then Pollen. The time between the fifth tendril attack and Screech is longer, giving the player more time to prepare for the Neochu’s strongest attack.

What to do with neochu in Mission 55?

For Mission 55, the player can summon Hecatoncheir, getting a reasonable Gestalt bar and then go into Gestalt mode. The Neochu and Picochus are susceptible to Earth damage, so the player can take a good amount of HP off the Picochus, and if one is lucky, killing most of them.

Is it safe to use dispelga with a neochu?

Once the Neochu is killed, it is safe to use Dispelga and recast any and all buffs the player wants, since the Picochus’ attacks have no effect on buffs and don’t induce any status ailments or Dispel. For lower-level parties, a Sentinel may still be necessary even with the Neochu gone.