Does Ichigo beat Mizuki?

Does Ichigo beat Mizuki?

As an Idol In Episode 35, she auditions for Tristar with Ran and Aoi, but Ran wins the audition. Later on, it was announced that Ichigo and Aoi were to be in an idol unit together. Ichigo passed the cup until the final, having a final match with Mizuki. There, Mizuki won and Ichigo held a special farewell concert.

How old is Ichigo from Aikatsu?


Ichigo Hoshimiya
Gender Female
Age 17-18
Height 157cm
Birthday March 15

How old is Aikatsu?

(アイカツ!, Aikatsu!) is the anime adaption of its original arcade collectible game, Data Carddass Aikatsu!. The series is produced by the 9th studio of Sunrise, Telecom Animation Film, and BN Studios, and began airing on October 8, 2012.

Who is the best idol in Aikatsu?

Ichigo becomes a top idol in the Movie, following the success of her solo live, the Great Ichigo Starmiya Festival. She manages to pass Mizuki in the Aikatsu Ranking, placing 1st while Mizuki is moved down to 2nd.

When was Aikatsu created?

October 8, 2012
Aikatsu!/First episode date

or Aikatsu! An anime television adaptation by Sunrise, Telecom Animation Film (and later by Sunrise’s subsidiary Bandai Namco Pictures) began airing on TV Tokyo from October 8, 2012 (Tokyo MX is rebroadcasting the anime in 2019). Two films were released in December 2014 and August 2015 respectively.

Who created Aikatsu?


Written by Shiori Kanaki
Illustrated by Akane
Published by Shogakukan

What is the most popular Aikatsu series?

Following the events of the Planet Princess Grand Prix, it is likely the ranking has changed significantly as Hana is now the top idol of Aikatsu Planet.

  • 3rd – Hana (↑2)
  • 4th – Ruli (=)
  • 5th – Beat (↓1)
  • 6th – Nanami (=)
  • 7th – Ibuki (↑2)
  • 8th – May (↓1)
  • 9th – Iris (↓1)
  • 10th – Shiori (=)

What is after Aikatsu friends?

series. A manga adaptation by Chihiro Komori began serialization in Shogakukan’s shōjo manga magazine Ciao from April 3, 2018. The series was followed by a spin-off title, Aikatsu on Parade! on October 5, 2019.

What is the meaning of Aikatsu?

Aikatsu! or Aikatsu! Aidoru Katsudō!) is an arcade collectible card game in Bandai’s Data Carddass line of machines, which launched in October 2012. The game revolves around using collectible cards featuring various clothes to help aspiring idols pass auditions.

How many episodes are there in Aikatsu friends?

Aikatsu Friends! (season 1)

Aikatsu Friends!
No. of episodes 50
Original network TV Tokyo
Original release April 12, 2018 – March 28, 2019

Who is Mizuki Kanzaki in all Aikatsu?

Mizuki is Ichigo’s senpai. She sees the immense potential in Ichigo and for that acts as a voice of guidance to her. Mizuki is often inspired by Ichigo and her friends due to how much they support each other and even after reuniting with them during the Koh-haku Aikatsu Gassen.

Why does Ichigo stand on the stage of Aikatsu?

Mizuki is the main reason why Ichigo stand on the stage of Aikatsu. Throughout the story, Ichigo always try to be by Mizuki’s side or above her, beginning from her failure-yet-success on Mizuki’s Special Live, to the Fresh Girls Cup, Tristar Arc, STAR☆ANIS Arc, Starlight Queen Cup.

Who are the main characters in all Aikatsu?

Mizuki, along with Ichigo, Yurika, and Akari, have shown themselves to be the most consistently popular main characters, having made it into all election-determined incarnations of Aikatsu8 and Photokatsu8 since their debut. Mizuki is the first idol to have a major aura change in aura components and formation, the second being Akari Ōzora.

Why did Mizuki get angrier at Naruto?

Upon discovering that Naruto gained acknowledgement after risking his life to defend the village, Mizuki grew angrier than ever at him, while refusing to accept the boy’s heroism, and instead accused the villagers of being easily excited.