Does length of driver shaft matter?

Does length of driver shaft matter?

Your current length may be perfect for you. You may even need a longer one. But, as our experts and test have shown, a good number of golfers would benefit from a shorter shaft. You may actually increase distance and there’s a good chance you’ll hit more fairways.

What length shaft does Rickie Fowler use?

43.5 inches
In 2017 Jimmy Walker cut two inches off his driver shaft to 42.5 inches, and Rickie Fowler shaved an inch off to get his to 43.5 inches. Both saw their accuracy increase significantly that season.

What is the longest driver shaft allowed?

48 inches
The length of the driver shaft in modern products isn’t anywhere near the maximum length of driver allowed by the USGA under their equipment rules and regulations. The maximum length a driver can be under equipment regulations is 48 inches. In the modern era, most drivers are 45 inches or 45.5 inches.

What length is Rory McIlroy’s driver?

45.5 inches
McIlroy’s driver plays 45.5 inches from “end of grip,” but Trott pointed out you can’t simply slap on a grip and call it good. When he selects a Golf Pride Tour Velvet BCT grip for McIlroy, the rubber butt cap on the end of the grip, which measures one-eighth of an inch, must be taken into account.

What length driver shaft does Tiger Woods use?

Tiger Woods played a 43.5in shaft for many years and a number of the world’s best play shorter shafts too. You may also need to make some adjustments to the lie of your driver. For the transfer case, there are a number of ways to measure.

Do you lose distance with a shorter driver shaft?

Do You Lose Distance with a Shorter Driver Shaft? This answer is a two-fold yes and no. A standard driver is about 45-45 inches long, and usually, the longer a driver shaft is, the more distance a golfer can have from a hit. A longer shaft means a wider arc to your swing and that creates more speed.

What degree driver does Rory McIlroy use?

TaylorMade SIM2 driver
He ranked second in driving distance at 324.4 yards with his 9-degree TaylorMade SIM2 driver with a Fujikura Ventus Black 6X shaft and was 10th in strokes gained/approach-the-green and T-3 in greens in regulation after returning to the TaylorMade “Rors” prototype muscle-back blade irons that he used when he first …

What kind of drive shaft does Tom Wood use?

For decades, the name Tom Wood has been synonymous with the best custom off-road driveshafts in the U.S. Whether you need a heavy-duty 4×4 replacement driveshaft or a custom length part made to order just for your rig, we are your go-to expert.

What kind of driver does David Toms use?

David Toms recently put a new driver in play that was bent 2 degrees flatter to give him a shot shape that falls a bit to the right — his preferred ball flight. In the days of persimmon, players shaved the heel or toe in an effort to close or open the face, respectively.

What are the optimal Driver numbers for golf?

Where you get out what you put in. Here’s a great example – on the PGATour David Toms swings at 104 mph and Stephen Gangluff swings at 120 mph, yet they average the exact same distance off the tee….hmmm? Efficiency is the big fish and the area where most golfers can make the greatest gains.

What’s the difference between driver and shaft angle?

While the difference between the average driver lie angle and the typical shaft plane angle is pretty large relative to irons, spin matters here a bit too.