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Does LG have a smart refrigerator?

Does LG have a smart refrigerator?

LG smart refrigerators let you control key features by using the LG ThinQ® app on your smartphone, or simple voice commands with the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

How much is a LG refrigerator cost?

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LG French Door – LFXS26973 » 4.3 out of 5 Add to Compare $2,649.99+ View Deals on Home Depot » Installation available
LG Door-in-Door – LSXS26366 » 3.8 out of 5 Add to Compare $1,999.99+ View Deals on Home Depot » Installation available

Is LG Electronics a good refrigerator?

LG offers the best of both worlds when it comes to refrigerators: sleek functional designs with high tech features. LG refrigerators are also backed with a 5 year warranty, ensuring that you enjoy your fridge for a long time.

How long do LG refrigerators last?

How long do LG refrigerators last? LG states its refrigerators should have about a 20-year lifespan.

Is there a recall on LG refrigerators?

On June 29th, Sears Roebuck and Company of Hoffman Estates, Illinois and LG Electronics of Lincolnshire, Illinois, in conjunction with the Federal Government, announced the recall of approximately 20,000 LG and Kenmore Elite® Trio™ Three door refrigerators.

Do LG refrigerators still have compressor problems?

In our service department’s experience, LG refrigerators had a normal compressor repair rate up until late 2018/early 2019. Although today in late 2020 we are seeing a decrease overall in calls about this problem, they are still higher than normal. A recent lawsuit against LG was settled in September 2020.

What are the most common problems with a LG fridge?

Among the most common LG refrigerator problems is that of exploding bulbs inside the fridge. LG refrigerators have doors that may fool the users into thinking they have shut them when they would not have done so.

Are LG refrigerators good?

LG refrigerators are not good. While they have all the goodies out front, the guts are garbage. LG is pushed by all the major big box stores, always at apparently huge price discounts. LG is not generally pushed by actual appliance stores.

What is the LG “Smart cooling system”?

Smart Cooling System A majority of users seemed to agree that both the fridge and freezer sections of this LG refrigerator maintain the set temperature pretty well. It’s equipped with a smart cooling system that utilizes a linear compressor that users said reacts to temperature fluctuations faster which helps keep the food fresher longer.

Where is the LG refrigerator made?

Frigidaire and Electrolux are built in Mexico, GE is made in China, LG and Samsung is produced in Korea. Miele is manufactured in Germany.