Does Oregon have an IIS?

Does Oregon have an IIS?

Access to ALERT IIS via the user interface is available to all Oregon-based immunization providers. Options for enrolling new users and organizations are below: New Organization.

What is alert II?

Term Description: An Alert 2 will be issued by Airport Communications when a pilot indicates a more significant malfunction with his or her aircraft that may affect the operation or control of the aircraft. Once the aircraft has safely landed, responding units will follow the aircraft to the gate.

How do I check my child’s Immunisation history?

Child’s doctor or clinic

  1. Doctors and public health clinics usually track any shots they give to your child.
  2. If your child has had more than one doctor or clinic give him or her shots, call or visit each one to get the records.
  3. Keep in mind doctors and clinics may only save vaccination records for a few years.

What percentage of Oregon is vaccinated?

In Oregon, 2,744,164 people or 65% of the state has received at least one dose. Overall, 2,485,525 people or 58% of Oregon’s population has been fully vaccinated.

How do I get a copy of my vaccine record?

Ask them to send your immunisation history statement to you. It can take up to 14 days to arrive by mail. If you need an interpreter, please call the Telephone Interpreter Service (TIS) on 131 450. If you don’t have a Medicare card, you can get your immunisation history statement from My Health Record.

What is an alert 4 at an airport?

ALERT 4 Hijacking, bomb threats or hazmat problems.

How do I get my Immunisation history statement?

Sign in to your myGov account. Select the COVID-19 vaccination status quick link. Select View immunisation history.

How do I find my immunization records on myGov?

You can access this through the myGov website using your Medicare online account (Medicare linked service), or by calling the AIR on 1800 653 809 (note that it may take up to 14 days to be sent in the mail).