Does Osage Orange make good fence posts?

Does Osage Orange make good fence posts?

The osage orange make excellent fence posts! I remember a fence row of osage when my boys were young and their utter enjoyment in collecting the ugly, useless fruit! Very long thorns will make osage difficult for you to handle unless your neighbor has already removed all the branches.

Where can I buy Osage Orange wood?

While hard to find, straight-grained Osage Orange is an ideal wood for making compound bows. Though it is only naturally indigenous to the Red River region of Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas, Osage Orange has been widely naturalized throughout the United States and parts of Canada.

How long does Osage Orange fence post last?

Re: Fence Posts: Osage Orange vs Pressure Treated Pine Use the osage…..downside is it will only last 75-100 years.

Is Osage Orange expensive?

Osage Orange lumber facts, availability and prices….Osage Orange Gallery.

Description Price
Osage Orange 4/4 thickness $4.00
Osage Orange 8/4 thickness $5.00

How long will a hedge post last?

Hedge or Osage Orange posts, while not always straight, have a life span of 50-100 years and properly built corners using these posts as Zeb has done, almost assures you of leaving your completed corner for the next generation or beyond.

How long should a hedge post be?

We usually use 2-2 1/2 ft dia. corners and 1ft dia line posts, about 10 ft long.

Can Osage orange be used for cutting boards?

Because of Osage orange’s hardness and durability, it often was used for wagon wheels. Yet sanded smooth and oiled, Osage orange beats all others for cutting boards that will stand up to a blade.

Can Osage Orange be used for cutting boards?

What is an Osage Orange good for?

The Osage orange is often trained as a hedge; when planted in rows along a boundary, it forms an effective spiny barrier. Its hard yellow-orange wood, formerly used for bows and war clubs by the Osage and other Native American tribes, is sometimes used for railway ties and fence posts. The wood yields a yellow dye.

Can you use trees as fence posts?

Re: Trees as fence posts Is it Ok to use a tree as a straining post or intermediate fence post? Not really, unless there is no alternative. Staples will damage the tree, wire will cut into it as it grows, possibly causing damage. Both, as Karen says, can cause further damage when the wood is sawn up later.

What is hedge tree?

Hedge Apples & Osage Orange Trees Plants considered as uniquely curious are many and Maclura pomifera is one. Depending on where you’re from, this tree has such names as hedge-apple, osage orange, bodark, bowwood and bois d’arc. Osage orange will grow to 10 feet tall within 5 years, eventually reaching 20 to 40 feet.

What can you do with osage orange wood?

Osage Orange wood is used for lots of purposes, hand crafting of Duck Calls, Gun and Knife Handles, Guitars, Wood Bowls, Wood Spoons, Trophy Mounts, Gun Stocks, Fence Posts and more. Comparison of Janka hardness of woods.

How big is an Osage orange turning wood lathe?

OSAGE ORANGE Turning Wood Blanks Lathe SIZE: 1″ x 1″ x 12″ Exotic Purple Heart .Osage orange . Cedar walnut 7 1/2 X 11 inches X 1 1/4 thick

Are there male and female Osage orange trees?

There is Male and Female trees. Only one of them produces the Orange Apple Fruit. Each dimple on the outside represents a seed on the inside. Each osage oranges apple has lot of seeds. The wood is harvested in the Midwest, USA.

What kind of wood is Osage live edge?

You normally won’t find any elaborate streaks or dark patches on an Osage orange live edge slab. All of these design elements make this a great wood option for someone with a classical and modern design aesthetic.