Does the wise old elf have kids?

Does the wise old elf have kids?

He had three sons, two of which are pirates, Redbeard the Elf Pirate and Captain Squid, and a sensible son who later decided to be a Viking, as shown in the episode ‘Fathers Day’. The Wise Old Elf’s real name is Cedric.

Who are the wise old elfs sons?


  • Wiser Older Elf (twin brother)
  • Fred Elf (son)
  • Captain Squid (son)
  • Redbeard the Elf Pirate (son)
  • Barnaby Elf (grandson)
  • Nettle Elf (granddaughter)

What age is the wise old elf?

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How old is the wise old elf in Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom?

Due to all this work he retired when he was 58 and made his son (The Wise Old Elf) the leader of the elves in the little kingdom and made his eldest son (Wiser Older Elf) leader of the artic elves. He lived a few more years of his life in peace before passing away between his 60-70.

Who is the voice of Mr Elf in Ben and Holly?

John Sparkes
Voice actors who worked on Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom

Actor Ben and Holly Pinkalicious & Peterrific (Fanon Series) (both original and reboot)
John Sparkes Mr Elf Mr. Curtis
Jonny Butler Jake Elf / Tarquin Cedric
Judy Flynn Mrs Elf Ms Andie / Victoria
Lucy Moss Violet Fairy Ivy

Is Mrs Fotheringill an elf or a fairy?

Mrs Fotheringill is a minor character in the series. She is Daisy & Poppy’s playgroup teacher and notably speaks with an American accent. [1]She is an elf, although her ears are hidden under her bob and she has never been seen blowing her horn.

What age is Nanny Plum?

Character Information

Gender: Female
Age: 40
Friends: Queen Thistle, King Thistle
Enemies: Wise Old Elf
Occupation: Nanny, Teacher, Cleaner

Which is Daisy and Poppy?

Princess Daisy Thistle is Poppy’s twin and is one of Holly’s younger sisters and she and poppy are Raspberry, Nettle Elf and Tarquin’s best friends.

Is Zoe Zebra Princess Holly?

Please be very careful when editing the page, not to mess up the table formatting….Voice actors who work on Peppa Pig.

Actor Peppa Pig Ben & Holly
Sian Taylor Zoe Zebra Holly
Stanley Nickless Pedro Pony Barnaby Elf
Zara Siddiqi Candy Cat Strawberry
Zoe Baker Richard Rabbit Daisy / Poppy

Is Mrs Fotheringill a human?

[1]She is an elf, although her ears are hidden under her bob and she has never been seen blowing her horn. A running gag throughout the series is Mrs. Fotheringill having complete faith in the toddlers, with Nanny Plum saying sarcastically, “That’s the spirit!”.

Who is the voice of mummy rabbit in Peppa Pig?

Sarah Ann Kennedy
Sarah Ann Kennedy is a British voice actress best known for providing the voices of Miss Rabbit and Mummy Rabbit in the children’s animated series Peppa Pig, Nanny Plum in the children’s animated series Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom and Dolly Pond in Pond Life.