How are Kuzey and Guney different from each other?

How are Kuzey and Guney different from each other?

Kuzey and Güney are brothers, yet they cannot be more different, both in character and also in their perception, much like their names they are north and south. While the older brother Güney strives in school and is the general good boy next door, his younger brother is nothing like him, he is wild and unpredictable.

Why did Kuzey Guney go to prison for hit and run?

When Cemre and Güney get together, Kuzey is devastated. An unfortunate event leads to a car accident where a man dies. Even though Güney drove the car that causes the death of a man, Kuzey takes the blame on himself and goes to prison for hit-and-run. After four years, he is released from prison and returns to his family.

Who are the actors in the TV series Kuzey Guney?

Series cast summary: Kivanç Tatlitug Kuzey Tekinoglu 80 episodes, 2011-2013 Turgay Kantürk Ferhat 54 episodes, 2011-2012 Göksen Ates Venüs Tezerel 54 episodes, 2011-2013 Riza Kocaoglu Ali Güntan 40 episodes, 2011-2013 Neslihan Yeldan Aynur 40 episodes, 2012-2013

Is the TV show Kuzey Guney based on a true story?

The hit of its broadcast season, Kuzey Güney is based on a fantastic script with universal themes. It is a compelling family drama about the rivalry between two bothers which has been sold as a ready made and scripted format in multiple territories around the world. Kuzey and Güney are brothers with very different characters.

Who are the main characters in Kuzey Guney?

Kuzey Güney is the story of two brothers’ struggle to survive in their own worlds. They have different ambitions…. different paths… The only thing they have in common is Cemre, the girl they are both in love with… Kuzey is very lively, rebellious, hot tempered, fearless, righteous and impatient…

Who are Kuzey and Guney in Ay Yapim?

Kuzey and Güney are brothers with very different characters. But they have two things in common: they are both ambitious to escape a life working in the family business – a life that their father wants for them-and they are both in love with the same girl from their neighbourhood: Cemre.