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How can I become a Fino agent?

How can I become a Fino agent?

How to become FINO Merchant? Just register with your Name, Mobile Number and Email on the home page so that we can call you back & assist you to become a FINO Merchant. This is a very simple and robust process and you can become a Merchant within a few hours.

What is Icici Fino?

Mumbai: Fino Payments Bank , which launched its operations on Monday with 410 branches, has announced a partnership with ICICI Bank. Fino will have access to a wide range of ICICI Bank products like term deposits, retail loans and cross border remittance services,” she added.

What is Fino BC?

Fino Paytech Limited provides business correspondent (BC) services through its affiliate company FINO Fintech Foundation (FFF). FFF promotes sustainable livelihoods and economic self-reliance for the rural poor and unbanked by linking them to financial and insurance services, and offering technical assistance as well.

Is Fino bank approved by RBI?

Fino Payments Bank board gets RBI approval, Rishi Gupta to be the bank’s MD & CEO | Fino Payments Bank.

How do I open a fino payment bank branch?

Account Opening Process

  1. Visit our Fino Payments Bank Branch.
  2. Visit our Fino registered merchant points.
  3. Call us on our customer care number 022 6868 1414.
  4. Place a request through our website.

Is Fino a bank?

Fino Payments Bank is the Digital Banking Partner for millions of hardworking Indians. We are present in 94% of India’s districts with over 6.41L banking outlets, 54 Bank Branches and 143 Customer Service Points. Fino Payments Bank was incorporated on 4th April 2017 .

Who is the CEO of FINO payment bank?

Rishi Gupta (Feb 23, 2015–)

How do payments bank make money?

Payments bank makes money by depositing the money with some other bank and/or government deposits which provides interest rates greater than that is provided by the payments bank.

Which payment bank is best in India?

Let us discuss each of these top payment banks in India in detail:

  • Airtel Payments Bank Limited.
  • India Post Payments Bank Limited.
  • Fino Payments Bank Limited.
  • Paytm Payments Bank Limited.
  • NSDL Payments Bank Limited.
  • Jio Payments Bank Limited.

Who is owner of Fino bank?

Which payments bank is best?