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How can I contact Trevor Jackson?

How can I contact Trevor Jackson?

Trevor Jackson on Twitter: “765•232•3855 text me… “

Who is Trevor Jackson manager?

Tom Maffei
While shooting the 2012 Disney Channel film Let It Shine, Jackson was introduced to his now-manager Tom Maffei by his friend Kenny Jackson, an assistant to the movie’s star Tyler James Williams.

What is Trevor Jackson salary?

Trevor Jackson net worth: Trevor Jackson is an American singer, actor, songwriter, and dancer who has a net worth of $2 million.

Is Trevor Jackson kin to the Jacksons?

Trevor Jackson was born on August 30, 1996, in Indianapolis, Indiana, in the US, to Kevin Jackson and Cam Baxter. He is the younger of two brothers; his older brother’s name is Ian. He became interested in acting and singing at a young age and wanted to join the entertainment industry when he grew up.

Are Zendaya and Trevor Jackson still friends?

Both stars have maintained they’re just friends, but in February 2020, the two were spotted kissing in NYC.

Who is Trevor Jackson parents?

Cam Baxter
Kevin Jackson
Trevor Jackson/Parents

Jackson was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, the younger of two sons of Cam Baxter and Kevin Jackson. His parents are African American.

Who is Trevor Jackson signed to?

Trevor Jackson/Record labels

How did Trevor Jackson become famous?

In 2012, Jackson expanded his acting career into film, playing the role of Quincy Smith in the film A Beautiful Soul. That same year, Jackson went on to star in the original Disney Channel television movie Let It Shine as Kris McDuffy alongside Tyler James Williams.

Is Trevor Jackson in a relationship?

Trevor Jackson does not seem to be dating anyone at the moment. Even though he’s spoken a lot about love and relationships, Trevor Jackson seems to be surprisingly single.

Who Zendaya dating 2020?

Jacob Elordi
2019–2020. Zendaya and her Euphoria costar Jacob Elordi spark dating rumors of their own in August 2019, when they are spotted together on vacation in Greece. They never actually confirm they are dating, but paparazzi catch Elordi giving her a kiss in New York City in February 2020.

Who is Zendaya’s boyfriend 2020?

“Spider-Man” co-stars Zendaya and Tom Holland solidified their offscreen romance with a passionate makeout session in Los Angeles on Thursday. The couple were photographed packing on the PDA at a red light during a sunset drive in Holland’s $125,000 Audi sports car.