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How can I get 7 12 in Pune?

How can I get 7 12 in Pune?

Instructions to Download 7/12 uttara for Pune region:

  1. Here Firstly peoples need to select region for which they they need to satbara utara eg. pune.
  2. Here in this step go to the bhumi abhilekh Maharashtra website and under “Mahsool & van vibhag” select region.

How can I check 7 12 in Maharashtra?


  2. AKOLA
  5. BEED

How do I find my old 7 12?

contact a local lawyer . You can obtain old 7/12 Extract copy from Mamledar kacheri means from Tahsildar Office of your property area. Buyer can get the copy of the 7/12 document after paying the official fee or file petition under Right to Information Act to get the copy.

How do I check my Utara 7/12 online?

You can check Gujarat Land Records 7/12 (Satbara Utara) and 8A at You can also obtain ROR, land record certificate (Jantri), etc. from the website.

Why it is called 7 12?

The 7/12 extract is named after the two forms that are used to collect the information for the extract: Village Form VII where it records the entire details of owner and owner rights. Village Form VII which records the agricultural aspects of the land.

How can I remove my name from 7 12 in Maharashtra?

by Death Certificate of sister of your grandfather and no objection of her legal heirs, you will have to make applicaion before Mamlatdar/Tehsildar to delete her name.

Why it is called 7/12 Utara?

Can we get 7/12 extract online?

Government of Maharashtra has digitized all land details, and citizen can apply for 7/12 extract online through the aaplea sarkar website and obtain information of 7/12 extract from Mahabhulekh online portal.

Why it is called 7/12 extract?

Which is the headquarter of Khed Taluka in Pune?

Rajgurunagar (Khed) is a taluka in the Khed subdivision of Pune district of the state of Maharashtra in India. Rajgurunagar (Khed) is the headquarter of the taluka. The taluka is known for being the birthplace of Santaji Jagnade.

How many talukas are there in Pune district?

Pune district is a district in state of Maharashtra in India. There are 15 talukas (talukas) in Pune district (including 2 city talukas). The 15 taluka are divided into following 5 district subdivisions.

Which is the nearest district to Khed in Maharashtra?

Khed is a Tehsil / Block (CD) in the Pune District of Maharashtra. According to Census 2011 information the sub-district code of Khed block is 04190. Total area of Khed is 1,369 km² including 1,323.14 km² rural area and 45.92 km² urban area.

What is the population density of Khed Taluka?

The total area of Khed is 1369.06 with population density of 329 per Out of total population, 71.27% of population lives in Urban area and 28.73% lives in Rural area. There are 6.76% Scheduled Caste (SC) and 10.95% Scheduled Tribe (ST) of total population in Khed Taluka.