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How can I get handicap certificate in Hyderabad?

How can I get handicap certificate in Hyderabad?

How to get a Physically Handicapped Certificate in Hyderabad

  1. Fill the application form.
  2. Attach an attested photocopy of first three pages of ration card showing proof of three years residence in the city.
  3. Attach an attested photocopy of medical Certificate in respect of disability from general hospitals of the city.

How do I get a handicap certificate?

  1. Person with Disability will click on register link to register with UDID Web Portal.
  2. Using credentials PwD logs in to system and click “Apply online for Disability Certificate.
  3. Upload color passport photo and other requisite documents like Income Proof, Identity Proof and SC/ST/OBC proof as required.

How can I get disability certificate in Telangana?

Required Documents[edit]

  1. Application form link :Application Form.
  2. Proofs of residence.
  3. Family card.
  4. Electoral identity card.
  5. Bank pass book.
  6. Two passport-size photographs.
  7. Copy of the Disability Certificate.
  8. Copy of I.D. of the person with disability.

How can I get disability certificate in Haryana?

A person with disability desirous of getting a certificate in his/her favour shall submit a dully filled Form-I in the office of Civil Surgeon along with all documents including OPD Slip/ Indoor Cards, investigation, X-Ray, etc. ii. The term Medical Board is replaced with Medical Authority.

How do I apply for disability online?

Step 1 — Go to and select “Apply for Disability.” Step 2 — Fill out the Disability Benefit Application. Step 3 — Answer the disability questions. Step 4 — Mail or take the documents we ask for to your Social Security office.

How can I get a railway handicap card?

Procedure for Getting Concessional Railway Ticket for Handicapped Persons

  1. Approach the nearest D.R.M office.
  2. Verification of the submitted documents by Commercial Inspector.
  3. Hand over the Photo Identity Card to the Concerned Person.
  4. De-validation of the Concession Certificate.
  5. Booking ticket for the escort/attendant.

Who is eligible for disability certificate?

Criteria for Getting Disability Certificate Person must have minimum 35% mental handicap or disability. Person must have an orthopedic disability of minimum 40% In case of deaf people the disability percentage must be between 90 db & 100 db. Visual impairment has to be more than 90%

How much is a disabled pension?

Service element is equal to the retiring pension determined. Disability Element for 100% disability for various rank is 30% of emoluments last drawn subject to minimum or Rs. 3510/- per month. For disability less than 100%, it shall be reduced proportionally.

How can Aadhar card be disabled?

Person with Disability already having Disability Certificate ( Whose data have been migrated in UDID Portal) : All PwDs who have been issued Disability Certificate click Apply online and click “Already having Disability Certificate” and user your details by Beneficiary ID/State ID or Aadhaar Number (if linked).

How much is concession in railway handicap?

Orthopaedically handicapped persons who cannot travel without escort are eligible for concession from any station to any station. Percentage of concession: AC I Class and AC 2 Tier – 50% Other classes – 75%

Is there any concession for handicapped in flights?

Locomotor Disabled persons (80% and above) are allowed following concessions in Indian Airlines : (a) 50% of Normal Economy Class INR Fare or Point to Point Fare. (b) 50% of INR fare applicable to foreigners resident in India for travel on Domestic Sectors.

How to get a physically handicapped certificate in Hyderabad?

For issuance of duplicate identity card, Rs. 10/- to be deposited with the cashier of the District and the receipt should be attached with the application form. Ration Card is required at the time of submission of application form.

What is the procedure to get a disability certificate in India?

Procedure to get Disability Certificate in India: The disability certificate and/ or Identity card is the basic document that a person with any disability of more than 40 percent requires in order to avail any facilities, benefits or concessions under the available schemes.

How to register unique disability ID in India?

Please select state / UTs. Please select district. Please select city / sub district / tehsil. Please Select Nature of Document Aadhaar card Address card with photo issued by Deptt.

How to get IC from Rajya Sainik Board?

Ex-servicemen should apply for IC through the Rajya Sainik Board/ Zila Sainik Board or the Army formation HQs on the basis of disability certificate given by competent medical authority in the defence forces Two passport size photographs and residence proof would be required.