How can I get HSRP number plate in Delhi?

How can I get HSRP number plate in Delhi?

The high security registration plates can be availed by logging on to bookmyhsrp.com. High security registration plates (HSRP) has been made mandatory by Delhi Transport Department for all vehicle owners in the national capital. HSRPs and colour-coded stickers must be present on all vehicles sold before April 2019.

What is the last date for HSRP Delhi?

April 15, 2021
The Delhi government has made the HSRP number plates mandatory for all vehicles. The last date for HSRP registration for the city of Delhi is April 15, 2021.

Is Hsrp date extended in Delhi?

The Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MORTH) has mandated that the HSRP should be supplied by vehicle manufacturers with the vehicles manufactured on or after 1 April, 2019. Vehicle manufacturers need to comply with this procedure for a new vehicle sold on or after April 1, 2019.

What is the cost of HSRP in Delhi?

For two-wheelers, installation of HSRP will cost you up to Rs 600 and that for a four-wheeler will be up to Rs 1,000, depending on the category. Colour coded stickers will cost you an additional Rs 100 and they will come with the HSRP itself.

How do I get a Hsrp number plate for an old car?

In the first step, visit the official site of HSRP Punjab.

  1. After reaching the official site, in the bottom side of your screen you will have four options.
  2. Those four options will be- Apply HSRP Online, Request for Campus in institutes, Book online appointment, Customer grievance redressal.

How do I get an IND number plate?

Here is how to apply for a high-security registration plate: Visit the official site: https://bookmyhsrp.com/Index.aspx. You will be asked to fill in details such as Vehicle Number, Chassis Number, Engine Number, Owner Name, Address, Mobile Number, Vehicle Class, Vehicle Type, Fuel type.

What is the last date for HSRP up?

30 November
The Uttar Pradesh government (UP Govt) has made the last date for imposing HSRP on vehicles, 30 November.

Is HSRP mandatory for old vehicles in Maharashtra?

According to officials, MoRTH had made it mandatory for Indian citizens to have HSRP for old vehicles, that is those sold before April 2019. Also, the colour-coded fuel stickers are now compulsory for old vehicles. Accordingly, the Maharashtra government issued a tender in April 2018.

Is HSRP mandatory for old vehicles in Haryana?

It was introduced by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highway in 2001. MORTH has declared that it is mandatory for citizens of India to have HSRP Number Plate for Old Vehicle 2021 (vehicles sold before April 2019). Also, colour-coded fuel stickers are now compulsory for Old vehicles.

What is the cost of Ind number plate?

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Is HSRP mandatory for old vehicles in Delhi?

The department circular said, “General public is hereby informed that the installation of High Security Registration Plate (HSRP) including the third registration mark (Colour coded sticker) on new and old vehicles registered in NCT of Delhi is a mandatory requirement.”

Is HSRP mandatory for old vehicles in West Bengal?

UPDATE: The UP Govt has made it mandatory for old vehicles to have HSRP. UP Government has released a new SOP about the deadline. As per the new SOP, old vehicles in UP must have affixed the HSRP by July 2022.