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How can I use free WhatsApp on Zong and Facebook?

How can I use free WhatsApp on Zong and Facebook?

Simply dial *247# and enjoy all features of WhatsApp anywhere and everywhere on Pakistan’s largest 4G network. All features of WhatsApp are included in this offer, including: Video & voice calls. Video sharing & downloading.

Is Facebook free on Zong?

ZONG users can enjoy Facebook even without balance by switching to the FREE mode, in which they will be able to post statuses, likes, comments, chat, check-ins, send friend requests.

How can I use free WhatsApp on Zong?

Zong Free Unlimited Whatsapp Offer – Price and Details

  1. this offer is available for all zong subscribers including prepaid, postpaid, mbb & internet sim.
  2. subscribers simply have to dial *247# to avail free whatsapp.
  3. free whatsapp applies to all features of whatsapp.

What is the code of Zong Facebook package?

Now Zong subscribers can enjoy all features of Facebook, for an entire month (Rs. 108 Consumer Price). Customers simply have to dial *250# once!

How can I activate WhatsApp on Zong monthly?

Dial *247# and enjoy the Zong WhatsApp Monthly offer in just Rs. 38 +Tax.

How can I use WhatsApp free?

The steps to send WhatsApp messages for free without data are simple: just turn off the data connection, compose and send a WhatsApp, then turn the data connection back on, and keep toggling it on and off and the message is delivered.

What is free FB?

Free Facebook is a service that allows you access your Facebook accounts and Messenger for FREE (zero data balance) via mobile app or web browser within a daily Fair Usage Policy (FUP). Browse through Facebook. Send/receive videos, pictures (Not available to existing Facebook account users)

Can you use Facebook without internet?

The Facebook offline news feed works by caching your stream when you are connected. When your internet or data drops out, the Facebook app for Android – using its relevance algorithm – will continue to show the stories you haven’t yet read so you don’t just end up with a stream full of blank content.

What is the code of free WhatsApp?

Users can dial *987# to subscribe this offer. Subscriber will be able to make and receive voice and video calls. Subscriber will be able to send and receive messages, voice notes, pictures, videos and etc. Offer can be used on 2G, 3G or 4G network.

How can I activate Zong monthly Whatsapp package?

What is Zong social pack?

Description. This daily social pack will allow you to user Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter all day long. Zong’s Social Pack comes with a data limit of 100MBs — but this must be used with Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter only. Zong’s Social pack comes with charges of Rs. 10 plus taxes (where applicable) per day.

Is Zong WhatsApp free?

Zong 4G has announced an un-paralleled offer for its data users as its customers can now enjoy unlimited access to world’s largest connectivity platform, WhatsApp, for absolutely no charge.